Did you watch this saying on a authorize on Fixer Upper? I love that show–It’s on HGTV if you someexactly how have missed all the buzz This saying struck me as the perfect easy thmust inspire your day when Joanna hung it in one of the beautiful dwellings she designed.

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Earlier this week while I was acquiring prepared for the day, I was reasoning about exactly how I wanted to make a printable of this saying to share on the blog, and also I thought this incredibly thshould myself, that now was a “good day for a great day”.

Well, reportedly that day wasn’t really designed to be a “good” day, once a regimen skin cancer check at the dermatologist resulted in a shot that provided me a major allergic reactivity, bring about a small ride in an ambulance to the emergency room, with more worries that ensued from the IV there, and also so on and also so forth. Overall, it really was not the best day of days!

But after I sat ago and thought around it, tbelow was still so a lot excellent in the day. Things prefer the neighbor I don’t also understand well, who blessed us via a warm dinner for my family members that night. That my husband also wasn’t traveling and was able to be at the hospital through me. The quick thinking of the registered nurses and the kindness of the physician, so while it wasn’t the ideal day by far, tbelow was still incredibly much “good” in the day.


Click HERE to downpack a 5×7″ printable

So, while I hope this printable inspires a truly “GOOD” day for you, bereason we all need those. I hope it also reminds you to discover the good in every day as well.

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Have a wonderful Sunday.



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Jess says

March 9, 2015 at 9:09 am

So scary! I am glad you are OK and able to still consider it a good day.