Are you up to day with Amazon feedago removal guidelines? You have to be! This is somepoint that’s bound to come up as your Amazon organization grows, if it hasn’t already.

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Soliciting feedago for anything can be intimidating, specifically nowadays when everyone airs their opinions so publicly. It may seem choose you’re asking for trouble. But for many kind of third-party seller platdevelops, getting customer feedback is encouraged and also a crucial component of your offering strategy. In the Amazon people in certain, good product reviews and seller feedback deserve to make or break your business!

But what happens as soon as an unfavorable rating comes in (and it inevitably will!)? As you worry around the affect on your sales and account health, you may feel prefer your hands are tied. Don’t problem, you execute have some choices - especially if you feel that the rating isn’t in line through certain Amazon policies.

But before we dig also deep right into those all-essential guidelines, let’s initially obtain a far better idea of what Amazon seller feedearlier is and also why the heck it matters so a lot.

What is Amazon Seller Feedback?

Amazon feedearlier prices your performance as a seller on a range of one to 5 stars. It helps Amazon shoppers learn even more about each other’s buying experiences, specifically when it pertains to product packaging, shipping, customer organization, and seller professionalism.

Buyers have 90 days to submit one feedago response per order. Amazon calculates your seller rating based upon averperiods of previous feedearlier acquired and also display screens it both as a star rating and as a portion.


You can track your ratings using Amazon’s Feedearlier Manager, which is located on the Feedback web page underneath the Performance tab in your Seller Central dashboard.

Many people usage the terms feedearlier and also reviews interchangeably, however they’re not the exact same. Think of Amazon feedago vs. reviews this way: feedago is a rating based upon a buyer’s endure via the merchant, while reviews (or product feedback) must just refer to a buyer’s suffer via the actual item being sold.

Leaving Feedback for Sellers on Amazon

Buyers can leave feedback by visiting or going to their Order Details web page. They’re asked to administer an as a whole rating for you as the seller and also answer a few preidentified inquiries around the order:

Did the item arrive on time?Was the item as described in the product listing?If they contacted you, did you provide positive customer service?

Buyers are likewise asked to leave comments about their endure through you, NOT the product. While some customers constantly seem to overlook this instruction, Amazon will certainly often rerelocate feedago solely around the product rather than the seller (even more on that later). Comments will certainly appear on your Seller Profile page together with your feedago score and star rating.

Amazon transforms the format for these questions relying on your kind of order fulfillment. Check out this instance of what a buyer sees as soon as leaving feedago for an order that was fulfilled by Amazon:


Now look at one for an order that was fulfilled by a merchant:


As you can watch, there are fewer concerns for an FBA order while the inquiries are more thorough for FBM orders.

4 Big Reasons Why Amazon Seller Feedback Is Important

Everypoint Amazon does is for the sake of its customer experience bereason it knows that’s what keeps civilization coming earlier. So as a seller, if you can’t provide that world-course suffer Amazon covets so much, you more than likely won’t last exceptionally long. It’s that basic - and also serious. Amazon just desires sellers that buyers can trust, and seller feedearlier is a straightforward way to measure buyer experiences via a seller.

For sellers, feedearlier does the following:

Affects Buy Box ownership. Seller feedearlier is a crucial factor for your Order Defect Rate, which is a greatly weighted metric in Amazon’s Buy Box algorithm. When it comes down to it, having more positive feedearlier compared to a contender can help you win the Buy Box more frequently.

Has “Other Sellers on Amazon” implications. If buyers bypass the Buy Box and also compare “Other Sellers on Amazon,” they will certainly check out your feedago rating below and also most most likely opt for the seller through the greatest rating.

Gives sellers a competitive benefit. Today’s Amazon shoppers are exceptionally evaluation savvy and frequently use ratings to make purchasing decisions. Seller feedago is a testimonial of your reputation, and also nobody wants a bad reputation, right? Poor feedearlier can sfinish a shopper directly to your competitor. And via upwards of 175,000 brand-new sellers on Amazon in 2020 alone, competition continues to be high!

Can influence your account condition. Amazon pays close attention to your Order Defect Rate and currently needs it to be less than 1%. If your rating goes over this crucial performance metric, Amazon might spilgrimage your seller privileges. Positive feedago helps protect your seller account.

These are some of the biggies, however there"s even more. Seller feedback has a trickle-dvery own impact that have the right to be felt far and wide across your account - for much better or for worse. It’s vital that you take it seriously (Amazon certainly does!) and also be as informed as feasible around this topic.

Amazon Feedearlier Removal Guidelines: What Will Be Removed and What Won’t

Imagine sooner or later you make a sale and also then see that some feedback has come in. Great! Or, possibly not. This is when knowing the Amazon feedback removal guidelines comes in handy. Being familiar through them helps you act quickly!

Amazon sellers have actually 2 means to remove negative feedback:

Contact Amazon for removal of incorrect feedearlier, if applicable.

Amazon says it will certainly not remove buyer feedearlier “even if it’s unwarranted or the issue has been readdressed.” However, Amazon does recognize there are specific situations that call for the finish removal or additionally explacountry of some kinds of feedearlier.

Removal of Feedback

Amazon will certainly rerelocate feedearlier in these instances:

There’s obscene or profane language presentIt consists of personally identifiable seller indevelopment prefer a full name, email attend to, or phone numberThe feedback comment is totally a product review

Amazon doesn’t always immediately remove these types of feedago, so be prepared to repursuit feedback removal yourself. Note that if the comment contains a product evaluation AND some feedback about your company, Amazon won’t remove it.

Striking of Feedback

Amazon may strike through comments in these situations:

If the order was fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) and the comment is clearly about the distribution experience, the comment will have a strike-via and also this statement: This item was fulfilled by Amazon, and also we take duty for this fulfillment experience.

Another important note: If you’re an FBM seller (Fulfillment by Merchant), any kind of negative feedback about the delivery experience, including the product problem and shipping, won’t be rerelocated considering that you’re responsible for it all.

If the order was shipped making use of the Buy Shipping business and also the comment is explicitly around a delayed or unyielded order that you shipped on time by means of Buy Shipping, the comment will certainly have a strike-through and also this statement: The fulfillment problems associated with this order were not due to the seller.


If your request is apshowed by Amazon, the feedearlier won’t impact your all at once feedearlier score and also ODR. Shoppers will certainly watch strike-through comments on your seller feedago web page.

How to Repursuit Feedago Removal on Amazon

As a seller, you can only repursuit feedback removal via Amazon’s Feedback Manager within 90 days of the submission. Anything after that will be blocked. So, if you see somepoint not in line with the Amazon feedearlier removal guidelines, you definitely don’t desire to delay!

To request the removal of feedago in Feedearlier Manager, go to the Recent Feedback table and also find the specific Order ID. Select Request Removal under the Actions column.


The Recent Feedback table makes it simple to type your positive, neutral, and negative ratings and watch all buyer comments. The Actions column additionally permits you to write-up a public reply on Amazon or call the customer directly about the order.

Get Negative Feedago Alerts and More With FeedbackFive

Negative or incorrect feedbacks are bound to happen at some allude. It’s a organic part of the Amazon ecosystem. When the moment comes, it’s imperative that you understand what to do! And while you can constantly manually monitor your feedearlier in Seller Central, you have the right to likewise easily automate the procedure through’s FeedbackFive software program.

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This effective tool enables you to automate repursuits for brand-new seller feedback AND product ratings. Remember, they"re not the same! FeedbackFive additionally advises you by means of text and/or email as soon as you obtain ratings.

Using software favor FeedbackFive to acquire cautions for negative feedago renders it a lot much easier to keep track of every little thing. You deserve to even include notes in FeedbackFive to easily referral once you requested feedearlier removal. Get began now to conserve time and also boost your seller feedback!