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name: Intro G C G name: Verse 1 G C G Lord, I come, I confess Em7 D C Bowing right here, I uncover my remainder G C G Without you I autumn acomponent Dsus D C You're the one that guides my heart name: Chorus G C G D/F# Lord, I require you, Oh, I require you Em C G D Eexceptionally hour I need you G/B C G/D C/E My one defense, My righteousness G/D D G C Oh God, just how I need you name: Verse 2 G C G Wbelow sin runs deep, Your grace is even more Em7 D C Wbelow grace is discovered is wbelow you are G C G And where you are, Lord, I am cost-free Dsus D C Holiness is christ in me name: Bridge C G/B D Em Teach my song to rise to you C D C When temptation comes my method C G/B D Em And when I cannot stand I'll loss on you C D G C Jesus, You're my hope and remain
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