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"And this is where I"d put my X…if I had actually one!" is a picture macro series featuring the character Mr. Turner from the animated tv series The Fairly OddParents. It is used to convey anger in the truth that the user is without somepoint.

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The phrase originated from an episode of the animated television series The Fairly OddParents titled "Father Time," which originally aired on Nickelodeon on April 20, 2001.<1> It is spoken by the father of Timmy Turner, the protagonist of the series. The original scene takes area in an alternate future wright here Timmy"s father never before won his prized childhood marathon trophy and also ended up being a dictator.

"And this is where I"d put a trophy-if I had actually one!"

The scene was uploaded by YouTuber xspiritombx<5> on September 1st, 2011. As of March 2014, the video has acquired over 600,000 views.


On July 23, 2012, Deviant Art<8> user fluttersyke uploaded two edited stills from the scene that read:

"This is wbelow I would put the one fuck I give-If I had one."


On November 18th, 2012, YouTuber DreamLandSpartan<6> uploaded a Dubaction remix of the Fairly Odd Parents scene. As of March 2014, the video has got over 26,000 views.

As of March 2014, the Meme Generator<3> web page for "If I Had One" has collected over 14,000 subobjectives. The meme is mentioned under "Memetic Mutation" on the TV Tropes<4> web page for The Fairly OddParents.The meme has actually considering that spreview to Tumblr<7> under the tag “#if I had actually one.”

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