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“This is the extremely ecstasy of love”

The grand illusion is that we know it all. From 4 a century of opera, we’ve distilled the worthy survivors.

OperaDelconscious offered me a hotel room if I’d stick around for the matinee of Falstaff the next day. So I stuck, though I’d have preferred an encore of Amleto. One doesn’t hear Amleto every day, and also I’d love to encounter it aacquire, with this cast, and soon.

Falstaff was just a bit scrappy. The score, of course, is a conductor’s and an orchestra’s dream, and we have all heard the ideal take it on, however the small-dimension Delaware band (the pit of the home does not permit a large one) played it gamely, and also conductor Giovanni Reggioli organized it to the proper marks. The singers, who had all of two rehearsals through orchestra I’m told, were amazingly tight, their slapstick exact and also funny. The laughter ran all afternoon. Dean Anthony’s direction did not overperform moments prefer Falstaff emerging from a tight door and a tiny page boy appearing, wiping his brow, in the open doormethod in his wake. The unit set was realistically Tudor so that one did not have to think about it.

I enjoyed the purse-lipped Quickly of Ann McMahon Quintero, though the voice periodically faded under orchestral onslaught, and also I favored the deep, womanly murmurs of Victoria Cannizzo’s Alice. Both Sharon Apostolou’s Nannetta and also Ryan MacPherson’s Fenton appeared oversized for their light, lyric roles; that is, they must have actually been singing Rodolfo and also Mimi, or even Cavaradossi and also Tosca. I wanted more delicacy for some of Verdi’s the majority of exquiwebsite music.

The 2 big male functions were superbly actors. Steven Condy played an old-fashioned Falstaff, narcissistic and convincing in his incapacity to believe himself a fool, via fine diction, fine bursts of buffo and also a bellyful of swagger. He was constantly “on.” Va, vecchio John, indeed. His foil is the humorless Ford—nopoint is funnier than the humorless in duet via hilarity—and also Sean Anderson sang a the majority of winning Ford, full-throated and also masterful, acted to the reminder however sung with gracious power. Jeremy Blossey and Matthew Curran were simply best as Falstaff’s boozy comrades; Jeffrey Halili kind of overdid Dr. Caius’ nose.

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But as I say, I want to hear Amleto again. I’ll be incredibly surprised if I don’t get the possibility. Singers will certainly desire to take it on, audiences will certainly want to hear it.