Jamesport is a census-designated location (CDP) and also hamlet in the Tvery own of Riverhead in Suffolk County, New York, United States. The CDP"s populace was 1,710 at the 2010 census.Restaurants in Jamesport


We are a full business tour firm on the beautiful North Fork of Long Island. We deserve to carry out everything from picking you up, taking you to the wineries, making your reservations with tastings contained, and catering your lunch.

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Reviewed By Brianne S

Such a smooth easy going experience! Wine tour was good, communication through Dana was good from day 1- from pricing to picking the vineyards. Our driver Mike was just the best and everyone had such an excellent time. Highly recommfinished. (and the price was excellent...MoreThanks Brianne, it was my pleasure to aid you setup your day. I"m glad everyone had actually an excellent time and look forward to hearing from you in the future!Dana


Reviewed By Roslyn28wantagh - Wantagh, New York

Some friends and I came here on the reference of an additional frifinish. It is a wonderful location. The house is cozy and also historic. You feel prefer you are visiting a friend's residence. The wine is wonderful. The staff is friendly. We really had actually an excellent visit! It's a mellow vibe.

This family-owned vineyard estate consists of 77 acres of vinifera grapevines consisting of Chardonnay, Johannisberg Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Merlot and also Cabernet Sauvignon.

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Reregarded By marie s - Huntington, New York

We have been right here many kind of times, but never in March. It was cold, yet warmish In the sun exterior. We sipped wine and admired how beautiful the skies was and vowed to come earlier aobtain in late April or beforehand May to gain fine wine and company.

Reperceived By Frank325 - Smithtvery own, New York

We bought 2 bottles for 4 of us. Two snobs for the red and also a gewürztraminer for the 2 rednecks. A cheese plast rounded out the suffer. After a couple of photos in the vineyard we relocated on, but we had GREAT fun,

Reperceived By Alberto M - Yonkers, New York

I first saw the Big Duck over years earlier as a child on my first ride out to Southampton in the at an early stage 1950s. My father had actually told me about it and also of course I did not think him, however he confirmed himself true to his word. Tright here was, truly, a huge duck! AND tright here still is. And it's still ducky after 60 years. We had actually a chance to drive out the Hamploads aget newly and we acquired off the Montauk Highmeans (Route 27, the main road to SH) a little bit at an early stage to take the detour about Riverhead and also go via the Flanders location. The Big Duck was still tright here, as significant and also white as ever before, and open up for service and for tourists (we noticed three of the four cars parked had actually out of state license plates). It's a famous place, famed as a tourist attraction and well known in the background of US highmeans art and design, and also in the heralding and also marketing human being. The Big Duck is well worth a detour off the primary road!