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1-Page Overview of The Wall


The story opens with Pablo Ibbieta attfinishing his very own trial. He has actually been recorded by the Falangists and also is being tried as an enemy of the battle and also a war criminal along with numerous of his compatriots. When Pablo goes on trial, he clintends that he does not understand where Ramon Gris is.

While awaiting his sentence, Pablo shares a cell through 2 various other guys. One of the men is Tom, that battled for the International Brigades throughout the Spanish Civil War; and also Juan, whose only crime was having actually an anarchist brother. Both Tom and Pablo think that they will be executed however are told that Juan will certainly be collection complimentary. However before, all three detainees are told that they will certainly be executed in the morning. Juan stops protrial and error his innocence; shocked to silence by this news he simply sits dvery own and also transforms gray (starts to look ill). Tom tries to comfort him but is rebuffed (ignored). Instead of trying to think about death or prevent it as a lot as possible favor Tom does, Pablo realizes that he have to accept death so he can spfinish what time stays preparing himself for it mentally fairly than fighting against it emotionally.

A Belgian medical professional and 2 guards come to the cell wright here Pablo is hosted. They are there to wait via him until morning. The doctor asks if he feels cold, however Pablo realizes that he does not feel cold at all. He touches his hair and shirt, which are both damp with sweat.

Pablo hardly thinks around Juan’s execution anyeven more. He feels irritated with Tom’s constant talking, and accidentally urinates on himself.

Pablo is trying to think about anypoint but death. He thinks of his past, but it doesn’t seem necessary anymore. The medical professional supplies to provide a message to the men’s loved ones. Nonetheless, he feels utterly alone and disassociated from the human being about him as he prepares for his execution.


When the time for executions arrives, Juan starts to cry and also shout. He doesn’t want to die. Tom points out that daylight is virtually breaking, so they have the right to watch their deaths coming soon enough. The soldiers take them away from the cell and leave Pablo in tright here alone for an hour before he finally hears shots being fired exterior his cell. Pablo desires to scream however decides not to bereason it will certainly be “unmanly” of him and also instead tries to remain calm despite what’s happening approximately him in order to save face as a man.

Finally, the soldiers take him to a room. They try intimidating him but he finds it ammaking use of and also ridiculous. The officers question him about Ramon Gris aobtain yet Pablo doesn’t tell them anypoint.

Later, he decides to lie to them and also tell them that Ramon is hiding in the cemetery. Thirty minutes later on, one of the officers comes earlier. He tells Pablo that he’s going to be tried by a consistent court quite than a armed forces tribunal bereason his crime does not merit execution. Pablo doesn’t understand also why he isn’t being executed right away bereason this was what they told him would certainly occur if he didn’t confess. He spends the rest of the day via his fellow prisoners until it is time for dinner at 5:00pm

That night, Pablo sees a baker he knows. The baker tells him that the Falangists caught Ramon. Apparently, Ramon left his safehome because of an dispute and also checked out hide in the cemetery. The Falangists found him in the gravediggers’ shack just as Pablo shelp they would certainly. Pablo passes out from laughing so hard at exactly how well his arrangement operated.

Pablo wakes up on the ground and starts laughing aget because he is happy with himself for obtaining rid of Ramon once and for all.

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Section 0 Synopsis (Summary)

The story is told by a prisoner of battle, Pablo Ibbieta. He defines exactly how he was sentenced in a room through other prisoners. They were questioned around their names and also occupations. Sometimes they were asked if they had actually been associated in the sabotage of munitions or for their whereabouts in the time of the attack. The men didn’t seem to be paying attention; they just created notes on the table in front of them as they listened to answers provided by detainees.