social stratification
the ranking of people or categories of civilization on the basis of unequal accessibility to streatment resources and social rewards.

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social inequalitythe unequal sharing of social rewards and resources.
caste systemscarce sources and rewards are distributed on the basis of ascribed statprovides.
exogamymarital relationship outside of one's very own social category.
endogamymarriage within one's very own social category.
class systemthe circulation of scarce sources and rewards is determined on the basis of completed statsupplies.
social classa grouping of people through comparable levels of wealth, power, and prestige.
sociofinancial statusa rating that combines social factors such as educational level, job-related prestige, and place of residence via the economic factor of earnings.
wealthcomprised of his or her assets and revenue earned via salaries and weras.
powerthe ability to regulate the actions of others, with or without thier consent out.
prestigethe respect, honor, recognition, or courtesy an individual receives from other members of culture.
reputational methodindividuals in the community are asked to rank other community members based upon what they know of their personalities and also life-layouts.
subjective methodindividuals are asked to recognize their own social rank.
objective methodsociologists define social class in regards to factors such as earnings, occupation, and education and learning.
social mobilitythe motion in between or within social classes or stratais a crucial feature of the mechanism.
vertical mobilityactivity in between social classes or strata.
horizontal mobilitymovement within a social course or stratum.
povertya typical of living that is listed below the minimum level taken into consideration decent and reasonable by society.
poverty levelminimum annual earnings needed by a family to survive.

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life chanceslikelihood individuals have of sharing in the opportunities and also benefits of culture.