a. became wealthier as their income enhanced correct b. continued to have low incomes and could not escape poverty (correct)c. earned a greater income and also ongoing functioning in factories d. ongoing to have low incomes yet were able to live more comfortably
x a. had actually only moderate health benefits in instance of accidents b. had actually to occupational long hrs. c. had actually many type of opportunities for project proactivities d. were often taught new skills
correct a. stitching does was industrious, so Matzeliger developed the sewing machineb. adding laces to shoes was productive , so Matzelgier created the lacing machine x c. adding heels to shoes was laborious , so Matzelger invented the heeling machine. d. attaching the top of the shoe to the sole was productive, so Matzelige designed the lasting machine.

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incorrect During the Second Industrial Radvancement , which system of production overcame in factories?b.
a. a device in which assets were made progressively by handb. a system in which products were made quickly by machinesc. a mechanism in which products were made rapidly by hand also x d. a mechanism in which assets were made using specialized tools
(correct ) a. in 1800, shoes were made by hand also. in 1900, shoes wee being mass-produced in factories.b. in 1800, shoes were mass-produced in factories. in 1900, shoes were still made in factories. c. in 1800, shoes were made by hand. in 1900, shoes were still made by hand also. d. in 1800, shoes were mass-created in factories. In 1900, shoes were made by hand.
incorrect Which of the following a lot of accurately compares handmade assets via mass-produced products?b.
correct a. handmade products are made quickly by equipments. Mass-created assets are made slowly by professional workers b. handmade commodities are made slowly by experienced workers. Mass-produced commodities are made easily by makers. x c.handmade assets and mass-developed products are both made easily by machinesd. handmade assets and mass-developed assets are both made progressively by skilled employees.
correct a. after the industrial revolution b. in the time of the Gilded Era.x c. prior to the industrial radvancement d. after the Gilded Age
a. instead of totality family members working at home, kids saw occupational in factoriesb. rather of entirety households working at factories, mothers and father worked at house c. instead of functioning together in factories, family members functioned at home correct d. instead of working together at residence, family members worked in factories .
a. reinserted professional workers through unexperienced workersb. eliminated woguy employees and hired just male workers correct c. supplied just child laborers x . d. reput unexpert workers through professional employees.
Correct The new system of production during the 2nd Industrial Rdevelopment expected that unskilled employees didd.
a. different tasks all dayb. one facility task for many hoursc. recurring tasks for just a couple of hours. correct d. repeated jobs for many kind of hours
Throughout the Gilded Era, the change to a device of mass production that paid employees low wperiods affecteda.

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x a. raised because products were handmade by professional employees b. raised because employees demanded and obtained high wagesc. reduced because expert workers agreed to lower wagesd. decreased because even more commodities were made promptly by machines.


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