ill equal expense : jan 4000 22,000 feb 9000 24,000 mar 13,000 25,000 apr 16,000 27,000 may 21,000 30,000 Would someone please aid and describe exactly how to number this out.

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We have been given a table for the (month,revenue,expense) for a brand-new business.

Now we have to use the models to predict the month in which revenue will equal expense :

In other words uncover as soon as the profit is 0.

So let"s subtract revenue from expense for each month.

Treat Jan=1, Feb=2 and so on

Then we acquire 5 points in (month,profit) format as follows:

(1,18000), (2,15000), (3,12000), (4,11000), (5,9000)

We have the right to graph those points then estimate the line of best fit or you have the right to say regression line.

Using excel energy i obtained equation:

y = -2200x + 19600

currently plug profit(y)=0 and also resolve for x

0 = -2200x + 19600

2200x = 19600

x=19600/2200 = 8.909

which is approx ninth month means september

Hence final will be september month.

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AlladinOne <14>8 months ago
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I do not know just how to define the I simply know the cause I simply took the test. On the test I obtained it wrong, however it told me the correct is September. That"s just how I know it"s ideal. Wish I might be of more help!

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EastWind <94>

14 * 3 * 5 = 210 cubic units

Step-by-step explanation:

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7 months ago
- 4x
alexgriva <62>


Step-by-action explanation:

1. Divide both sides by -4:

-4x/-4 because you are separating by negative

3.your last will be x>-17

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5 months ago
loris <4>
7339555.56 must be the
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10 months ago
PLEASE HELP WILL MARK BRAINLIEST.Write the log equation as an exponential equation. You carry out not have to resolve for x.
AysviL <449>

10x ÷ 5x=2x

10x ÷ 5x = 2x

10x÷ 5x = 2x

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5 months ago
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How execute you solve this problem?
Likurg_2 <28>
The is 7.2 and also idk what else to say but.... I need to simply compose sum PLZ ONLY READ THE
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1 year ago
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