The mission When the World is Rocking is necessary in order to unlock The Angry Earth and its succeeding mission chain. This mission is adhered to by An Interlude of Sand also and also Digging Too Deep.

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Tier 1

Objective: Go to the Scorched Desert

Either Teleport (Shift+T) to the Scorched Desert or take the portal.

If taking the portal, go to the adjacent Agartha Pad to The Hollowed Halls (505,385) and from tright here, take the Pad leading to Egypt (500,240).

Get in the Scorched Desert portal prior to you (440,285).


Objective: Find information around the tremors

Upon suffering a tremor in the Scorched Desert, the Stationunderstand will sfinish a message. He mysteriously has your number.

Objective: Read the SMS from the Stationmaster

Look at the Stationmaster’s tentative text in the bottom appropriate of your display. Closing out the text message will list it as having been check out.


Objective: Find equipment to investigate the tremors

With the Stationmaster’s advice in mind, discover the best person and also devices for the job.

Boffin is British English slang for a scientist or researcher of assorted sorts.

Head to the Oxford Camp (720,860) to see the archaeologist Montgomery de la Roche, his assistant, and also the tools inside their tent.



Objective: Look at the seismograph

Inspect the seismograph sitting on the table (725,865).


Objective: Read the journal

Next off to the seismograph is a journal to peruse.


Objective: Find the gadget pointed out in the journal

Go to the area explained in the journal that the device was discovered in.

It says it was discovered at ‘the old camp’.

Said camp was abandoned once the ‘walking carrion’ became too numerous.

Ghouls are carrion beasts, and are discovered in high numbers at the Oxford Dig, Unus; however, it states they had actually left the abandoned camp that holds the gadget.

The ghouls moved from the other camp to their existing area.

With no ghouls or beasts in sight, the Mysterious Device deserve to be uncovered in a tent in the Oxford Dig, Duo (820,860).


Objective: Pick up the tablet and translation

Beside the mysterious tool is the tablet originally discussed in the journal, alongside the attempted translation.



Objective: Find the first magnetic anomaly

Find the place of the first magnetic anomaly as described by the tablet.

Remember the initially stanza of the translation.

We concerned a place.

Twins sit unblinking, guarding the six.

A sister sits to her sister’s ideal,

Tbelow, at her feet.

The growls of the earth.

There are 2 huge twin statues staring external before the Outer Complex north of the Oxford Camp.

The Outer Complex consists of 6 smaller sized statues.

The statue on the left, the statue on the West side, is to the ideal of her sister.

Climb up the statue’s base to her feet would certainly have been if they had not been shattered (720,950).


Objective: Activate the device

Use the Mysterious Device in your mission inventory at the pulsating light.


Objective: Wait for a tremor to appear

Wait through the tool until the tremors resume for it to document the data.


Objective: Replay the tremor on the seismograph at the Oxford Camp

Rerotate to the camp with the device and use it at the seismograph to replay the tremor.

Due DiligenceThe achievement Due Diligence requires the investigation of all the anomalies as described in the translation using the mysterious tool and also seismograph. Some anomalies are not goals of The Angry Earth and also will certainly call for added investigation.

Objective: Examine the seismograph again

Take another peek at the seismogram developed by the replay.



Objective: Find the second magnetic anomaly

Go to the following area shelp to be the prehistoric house of the anomaly.

Remember the second stanza of the translated tablet.

We concerned a place.

Wbelow the oasis sleeps.

The substantial, the sweeping, the lush oasis defying the desert.

By the still water, the rock stands.

The growls of the earth.

The Forsaken Oasis is an area of lush green standing in defiance to the desert roughly it. Tbelow is a big rock jutting out from the side near the Anima Well (365,625).

Climb to its height.


Objective: Activate the device

Just like before, usage the gadget at the pulsating anomaly.


Objective: Wait for a tremor to absorb

Stand by the tool for a couple of seconds till a tremor begins.

Objective: Replay the tremor on the seismograph at the Oxford camp

Once aacquire return to the camp and usage the device to replay it close to the seismograph.

Objective: Examine the seismograph again

Take a look at the brand-new recording in the seismograph.



Objective: Find the 3rd magnetic anomaly

Head now to wright here the third anomaly is described.

If completing Due Diligence, activate the gadget at the 3rd tremor, rerevolve the seismograph, and also then head to the fourth tremor and also carry out the same. Only after the fourth tremor has actually been videotaped at the seismograph will certainly the accomplishment finish and also you deserve to resume The Angry Earth.

Once even more look to the translation. In particular, its third stanza.

We come to a place.

Where the symbol lay.

The breath of life.

Upon its head.

The growls of the earth.

Tbelow is a symbol representing life laying approximately via an anomaly at its guideline.

Venture to The Ankh, the symbol of life. The ankh symbol is likewise well-known as the breath of life.

Upon the head of the Ankh, its geographical tip on the map prior to the endless abyss of the Ankh itself, lies the anomaly (330,845).


Objective: Examine the adjacent journal

Just before the third magnetic anomaly is an abandoned journal (315,850) to investigate.


Objective: Examine the tape recorder

Take the recorder near the journal to hear what may have actually been left by the journal’s deranged writer.



"A breakvia in assumed. What we were calling the “Ages” is not, strictly speaking, a measure of time, at least, not in a chronologically stacked order. Time bends."

"It breaks ago favor a rubber band, to a fixed suggest."

"The end of each age was a recollection. A do-over."

"We are on repeat, with variation, as artefacts from the previous age bleed into the next, sfinishing out ripples, each new age compounds through more artifacts and even more effected than the last, skewing the original pattern."

"There is somepoint that is intended to occur. But the inescapable is always delayed."

"How many kind of times has actually this human being reset? How execute we reach endgame?"

- Doctor Klein


Objective: Find even more of Doctor Klein’s research

Look to a brand-new location for even more of the Doctor’s research study.

Much of Doctor Klein’s occupational was done approximately the Ankh, a symbol of rejuvenation. Considering his recording’s musings on rejuvenation and repetition through the Ages, perhaps more have the right to be found below.

Go towards the Lift controls (325,840) to enter the Ankh. Do not usage the controls. Instead, accept the popup when you method the lift.


The Voice of KleinAnother Recorder is strewn abandoned in the Ankh lift landing pad. This starts The Voice of Klein, which can be accomplished while in this variation of The Ankh.

Begin to discover the Ankh in its current state.

After passing the first Mote of Aten, tright here is a hallmeans blocked by a huge purple miasma. Approaching it will cause it to rush forward and also kill any in its path.


It reasons the location to tremble and also shake with its power

Employ the Mysterious Device once the powerful attack propels itself forward. It will absorb it, as it does all points that shake and also devastate.


Continue forward to following room, which would typically contain the initially boss within the Ankh dungeon; however, there is no such entity scribbling Aten right into the stones this time.

The Call of the Namemuch less #2 is in the second Filthy alcove to the right in the start of the room.

Upon approaching the huge empty middle of the room, a large purple obstacle will certainly erupt, locking any civilization within. To stand also in the barrier is fatality.

King Solomon #4 is hiding behind Doctor Klein during his tirade.

Doctor Klein gives a really enlightening monologue.


Until he decides otherwise.

Objective: Survive Doctor Klein’s attacks

Dissatisfied with his lack of knowledge on the tremors, Doctor Klein decides pain is the only solution. He will attack in an initiative to play a little interrogation game.


Doctor Klein will typically slice via the area, his huge purple surges showing up opposite of you and cutting throughout to provide huge damages to anypoint in its course.


Throughout the interrogation, tbelow will additionally be pools of Filth to protect against. Stepping in one uses Cloying Baptism, which slows you and also provides you much easier to hit via a surge.


Periodically, Doctor Klein will certainly encircle the barrier through his blasts. These will obliterate anything inside the epicenter.


To prevent this terrible blow, usage the Mysterious Device to absorb them all in the middle once the surges converge.


The ideal times to use the gadget are once the surges start to converge, or right before once they have actually all showed up and are around to relocate.

You must be standing on the device for it to truly safeguard you from the convergence.


After each convergence, Doctor Klein will in his frustration rise the frequency of his surging blasts and also cloying baptismal pools.

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After three successfully absorbed convergences, the tremors will distract Doctor Klein and he will depart, in desperate require of time to think about the tremors and also their origin.

"Did you feel that? The quakes flourish stronger! By my calculation, they originate from somewbelow near the forbidden city."

"Did you hear that? Yes, yes, you heard it!"

"A voice grinding in the teeth of the angry earth. So puissant!"

"But what is it? I should sequester myself. I have to think. I have to concentrate!"