The opening of Parliament puts Helena and Cyrus at odds, while the yacht party brings the love triangle in between Eleanor, Jasper, and Beck to light.

Cyrus’s Secret Revealed

Jasper has actually been tracking Cyrus for a couple of weeks currently and also directs Liam to his trick room full of clinical equipment. Cyrus reveals that he has actually testicular cancer and also was obtaining a treatment done the night that Simon was stabbed, thus explaining his absence of alibi for that night and also pallor as soon as he showed up in the lockdvery own. Cyrus demands that Liam not tell anyone past Eleanor; he doesn’t want the country’s pity. He’d quite have actually them think that he killed Simon.

The Threat to Jaspenor

Beck can be sleeping in Eleanor’s room, however is selecting to couch surf in order to carry out the honorable point. Beck informs Eleanor that given that Monaco, she’s been on his mind, inspiring his current exit from his wife.

Later, Eleanor gets high at the yacht party, a advancement that leaves Beck less than thrilled. He’s disappointed bereason he knows who she’s qualified of being. When Eleanor later on defines why there’s red spraypaint anywhere her room, which offers him even more of a sense of how deep her grief and also guilt over Simon’s fatality runs. The two hook up.

Introducing Agent Hill


With Jasper otherwise populated, Eleanor’s in require of new security detail. Enter Agent Hill, who invested twenty-salso years at Scotland also Yard before being assigned to protect the princess. Eleanor is convinced that he’ll have a short tenure and needs that he save her civilization quiet. He wins her over, both by calling her drug use “common” and admitting that he misses her father. Basically, he’s the best.

Before the yacht party, Jasper points out that Hill must go on the ship to safeguard Eleanor. Hill says that he’s already vetted everyone on the ship–plus, if he goes, Jasper won’t have actually an excuse to talk to her. As he says: “Have you viewed the challenge on the Beckthrough kid? He virtually turned me.” Jasper nods and also boards the watercraft to inspect on Eleanor. I repeat: Hill is the best.

I’m On a Boat

Liam tells Eleanor about Cyrus’s key. Eleanor has mixed feelings, but researches that Liam take some time off of his vengeance kick–after all, it’s not what their dad would have actually wanted for him. She says that he can as well take a break, as it’s possible that they can never uncover out that killed Simon. She asks that he take a few days off of his search to remap his steps and find something that as soon as made him happy.


Liam apologizes to his friends (welcome earlier, Ashok!) for being seen and asks Jasper for a favor. He’s going to disappear for a couple of days, and also requirements to perform whatever before he’s going to execute alone. Jasper agrees faster than a imperial bodyguard need to. Liam then offers Jasper some advice in the face of Beck’s return: “Jasper, everyone lets down–be the one to readjust that.” Our Mr. Liam appears to be Team Jasper on this one.

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The Opening of Parliament

There’s a legacy in the monarchy of taking a member of Parliament hostage until after the King’s speech. Normally, Cyrus isn’t a fan of ceremony, but he’s going to make an exemption for this one. He chooses Mr. Hollomethod, that is even more than willing to go, as normally the hostage is treated to lovely food and drinks. However, since Cyrus is the one in charge, Holloway is thrvery own in a little cage and also left to wait

Helena is still blackmailing the Prime Minister in order to press with the bill to adjust the order to succession. Her plan hits a tiny snag as soon as she finds the Prime Minister dead–and also hregarding rip her underwear off of him prior to they can increate the authorities of his untimely demise. When Cyrus reacts choose the smug bastard he is, Helena insists that they don’t kill human being. Unfortunately, her plans are derailed for the minute, especially considering the deputy Prime Minister has no interest in meeting through her.



Liam’s Horrible Amerihave the right to AccentLiam provides fun of Jasper for saying that he’s from Las Vegas via a damaging Amerideserve to accent. Watching him insurance claim that he’s Frank A. Gallagher, Chicago resident, pick-it-up truck driver, and Dodgers fan, provides a welcome lightness for Liam.Simon’s MemorialHelena is developing a memorial for Simon–not because she wants the positive public opinion, yet because she legitimately believes he was an excellent guy that deserves to be remembered. Not that Eleanor believes her, yet still.Burgeoning Bromance, Ahoy!Jasper and Liam are marketing for brotp of the year, over tright here.


Cyrus Tempts FateCyrus wearing the Koh-I-Noor diamond to the opening of Parliament provided an unnecessary plot detail for this episode. There’s supposedly a curse on it for anyone that wears it that isn’t God or a woman. Cyrus is smug about nopoint negative happening to him, till his doctor calls via bad news. Basically, this felt pointless and also I don’t want any added Cyrus content on this show. Lucius’s Commitment Lies with the MonarchyLucius is functioning on Cyrus’s, not Helena’s, side at the moment–I don’t love that his loyalty transforms based upon who’s in charge, particularly if that suggests he’s going versus the Queen.

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Looks like The Royals is heating up in its second season! The love triangle is firming up between Jasper, Eleanor, and also Beck, while things are gaining more ridiculous and also deadly at Parliament. We were presented to a brand-new (fabulous) character with the promise of the return of some last season favorites. Unfortunately, we also experienced a few wins for Cyrus, while Helena dropped behind in the race for the monarchy. Next week: OPHELIA RETURNS! Will we discover Marcus as well?

Episode Rating: 7/10.



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