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Gastro- is a combining create supplied prefer a prefix meaning “stomach.” It is often offered in medical terms, especially in anatomy and also pathology.

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Gastro- originates from the Greek gastḗr, definition “stomach” or “belly.”

What are variants of gastro-?

When combined via words or word facets that start via a vowel, gastro- becomes gastr-, as in gastralgia.

One word you may have actually encountered that supplies the combining develop gastro- is gastrology, “the examine of the structure, functions, and also illness of the stomach.”

We know gastro- implies “stomach,” so what does the -logy percent of the word mean? That’s right, -logy refers to “science,” eventually from the Greek lógos, meaning “word, thought” among many kind of various other senses. Gastrology literally converts to “stomach science.”

What are some words that usage the combining develop gastro-?

What are some other forms that gastro- may be generally perplexed with?

The gastro- in the word gastropub, a bar that serves good food and also high-top quality drinks, is actually short from gastronomy, “the art or science of excellent eating.” Related is gastronome, “a connoisseur of excellent food.”

Break it down!

Gastropod is the name for a kind of mollusks, including snails and also slugs. The combining form -pod means “one having actually a foot.” What, then, is the literal translation of the name gastropod?

How to use gastro- in a sentence

trfinishing articles

British Thesaurus definitions for gastro-


regularly before a vowel gastr-

combining form
stomachgastroenteritis; gastritis

Word Origin for gastro-

from Greek gastēr

Medical definitions for gastro-


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Stomach; gastric:gastritis.


testudinateadjective | SEE DEFINITION
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