OUT THERE Genius scientist, engineer and inventor remained in the past frequently overlooked, however is freshly getting the deoffered acknowledgment. Contributing to its reputation is also the great exhibition which is currently on display at CD Congress Centre in Ljubljana. The ambitious project is a co-production of CD Congress Centre and also the Museum of Nikola Tesla in Belgrade, the home of the writer of the exhibition Dr. Branislav Jovanović. Tesla has mainly functioned in the USA, wbelow he patented more than 300 innovations. The exhibition, in addition to his innovations likewise mirrors the concerns of creative thinking and innovation in contemporary culture. It comprises of numerous thematic sections depicted by models, from operating models of Tesla’s innovations to video and sound recordings; among other likewise a range model of hydro power plant on the Niagara and also aircraft for vertical take-off.

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STAY Ljubljana offers a large range of hotels suitable for different needs and budgets. What type of accommodation we made a decision counts solely on us and on our interests. Having the boutique hotel market in mind, we recommended hotel Cubo in the instant vicinity of CD Congress Centre. Since its opening, the hotel has been receiving one award after an additional. It provides 26 designer rooms, furniburned via top high quality products and also stylish furniture. For larger teams, we recommend the famous Grand Hotel Union, which has last year commemorated its 110th anniversary. The hotel is known for its stunning Art Nouveau style and also is also the biggest congress hotel in Ljubljana.


MEET IN STYLE The exhibition is interesting for all participants of expert congresses and the basic public visiting Ljubljana at some time by 6 November 2016. It is a distinct congress endure, which is suitable for small teams and for individual excursions. In this year as soon as Ljubljana holds the title of The European Environment-friendly Capital of Europe, Tesla’s study from the year 1900 on “The problem of raising human energy” is exceptionally pertinent. It identifies the crucial troubles of mankind, which till now we were unable to solve. Tesla was a male before his time through a great understanding of the future. So a lot so that he and his definition of what a great man is (one who gathers expertise favor a bee is gathering honey and also provides this expertise to aid his fellow men out of the trouble, illness,…) are still pertinent.


1. Urban beekeeping – Guided tour of the world’s particularities of CD Congress centre, the city beehives situated on the roof of the CD Congress Centre, an example of environmentally-friendly company approach.



2. Heroes of SFRJ – Urban learning about the streets, areas and buildings that will create the impression of modernist style of the Slovenian resources. To a big extent shaped by Edvard Ravnikar, which was the initially to carry architectural and also urban planning principles of Le Corbusier to this area.


3. Green Urban Experience – Trnulja offers a genuine congress endure through which you will certainly right from the city fall right into the parallel people reasonably unwell-known also to the civilization of Ljubljana and also closed to the world of childhood of Nikola Tesla.


CD Congress Centre is located in the heart of the governmental and gourmet facility of Ljubljana. The resources city is becoming an essential stop for lovers of gastronomy and also new Slovenian cuisine. Exposing the best restaurants is a thankmuch less task but for better orientation in the city, we recommfinish you usage the overview we trust as a result of its quality criteria – “Teden restavracij” (Restaurant Week) is available at www.tedenrestavracij.si. 86 Slovenian restaurants and also pubs were a part of this year’s Spring Restaurant Week.

CD Congress Centre is the job-related of architect Edvard Ravnikar and also is an integral part of its regulatory of the Republic Square. It was built in the era of modernism and also it stands as an instance of a monupsychological architecture equivalent to the accomplishments of Alvar Aalto and its congress hall Finlandia. Many tiny details surpincrease the visitor, but what impresses most is the fact that the architecture of the venue has kept its value. The present renovation, which prompted tumultuous debate, gave the convention facility a much more elegant and also modern feel and also even more organic materials. By visiting the exhibition you have actually a great excuse additionally to take the architectural tour of this component of Ljubljana.

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The bureaucratic facility wright here CD Congress Centre lies is conveniently easily accessible by foot, vehicle or public deliver. Tbelow is a large parking garage listed below the Republic Square, while the newest parking garage is just a stone throw ameans under the Congress Square. Both comply via the demands of congress guests getting here by vehicle. The greatest benefit of the location is that all the city’s sights, particularly the key hotels are within walking distance. Having this in mind, we deserve to quickly say that the CD Congress Centre is a congress guest friendly location.

“Peace can just come as a herbal consequence of universal enlightenment and merging of races, and also we are still far from this blissful realization.” (Nikola Tesla, My Inventions)

DIRECTORY: CANKARJEV DOM CULTURAL AND CONGRESS CENTRE Prešernova cesta 10 1000 Ljubljana T.: +386 (0)1 241 71 22 E.: congress
cd-cc.si www.cd-cc.si

Project organised in participation via the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, principle devised by Branimir Jovanović, PhD, Nikola Tesla Museum Director and also author of Tesla’s World of Miracles