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cytidine, cytidine 5-triphosphate, cytidine diphosphate, cytidine monophosphate, cytidylic acid, cyto-, cytoanalyzer, cytostyle, cytocentrum, cytochalasin, cytochemistry

Cyto- is a combining develop supplied choose a predeal with interpretation “cell.” It is supplied in many type of clinical terms, particularly in medicine and also biology.

Cyto- originates from the Greek kýtos, meaning “container,” “receptacle,” “body.”

What are variants of cyto-?

When merged with words or word aspects that begin through a vowel, cyto- becomes cyt-, as in cytosis.

The matching form of cyto- linked to the finish of words is -cyte, as in pneumonocyte.

An instance of a word you might have actually encountered that attributes cyto- is cytoplasm, “the cell substance in between the cell membrane and also the nucleus.”

We know cyto- means “cell,” so what around the -plasm percent of the word? The create -plasm, from the Greek plásma, has a variety of definitions, including “living substance,” “tissue,” “substance of a cell.” Cytoplasm literally converts to “cell substance.” It’s favor “cell stuff”!

What are some words that usage the combining develop cyto-?

What are some other develops that cyto- might be generally puzzled with?

Break it down!

The combining form -pathy has actually a variety of meanings, consisting of “disease” or “disorder.” With this in mind, what does cytopathy literally interpret to?

trfinishing articles

British definitions for cyto-

combining form
indicating a cellcytolysis; cytoplasm

Word Origin for cyto-

from Greek kutos vessel, container; regarded kuein to contain

Medical interpretations for cyto-


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Scientific definitions for cyto-

A predeal with definition “cell,” as in the word cytoplasm.


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