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The error “the password you entered to protect your iPhone backup might not be set” may take place when you attempt to allow backup encryption or regain your encrypted backup in iTunes for your iPhone. Even if you try aobtain, it is most likely that you will check out the very same error message aacquire. Fortunately, this trouble have the right to be reresolved pretty easily.

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Fix “the Password You Entered to Protect Your iPhone Backup Could Not Be Set” Issue

The approaches to deal with the error “the password you gotten in to defend your iPhone backup can not be collection please try again” differ on Windows PC and also Mac. They are as follows:

1. On Windows PC

If the above-discussed error “the password you gone into to protect your iPhone backup might not be collection please try again” occurs, it is highly probable that it is emerging bereason you are trying to gain back the iPhone backup over a Wi-Fi link. So, it is recommended that you affix your iPhone to your computer system using USB or lightning cable when restoring the encrypted backup.

Follow these instructions to settle the problem on Windows PC:

Tip 1: Close iTunes and also unplug your iPhone from your computer system if it is connected to it.Step 2: Then reattach your iPhone to your computer system using USB cable, but this time use a various port of your computer system.Step 3: After that, launch iTunes and also attempt to reclaim the encrypted backup again.Tip 4: Input the password once required, the restore process must begin without any kind of worries.

2. On Mac

Although you must initially try the above-discussed approach to deal with the error even if you have a Mac, there is another means to deal with the difficulty i.e. making use of the Keychain technique. Your iPhone backup passwords are saved in the keychain by iTunes, so this method can help you retrieve the password, for this reason resolving your trouble.

Follow these instructions:

Step 1: On your Mac, open the Keychain Access app.Step 2: Once it is opened up, click on the Password category from the sidebar located on the right side of the interconfront.Tip 3: Now you will have to uncover the backup keychain. If there are several keychain items, then it is recommfinished that you input “backup” in the search field so that your search is narrowed down.


Step 4: Once you have actually uncovered it, select items labeled as “iPhone Backup” or “iOS Backup”. Look at the Account area to find which device an object relates to. You deserve to retrieve your device ID conveniently with iMazing.Step 5: After identifying the keychain item through your tool ID, open it and also then click Sexactly how Password to watch the encryption password. Now use that password to restore your encrypted iPhone backup.

How to Find Your Foracquired iTunes Backup Password?

If you forobtained iTunes backup password, you won’t be able to access your encrypted backups. Fortunately, you have the right to uncover the password conveniently. To execute this, it is recommfinished that you use the powerful slrfc.org KeyGenius. This skilled iTunes Backup Unlocker will certainly help you find your foracquired backup password safely and also flexibly.


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Key Features:

Unlock your encrypted iTunes backup when you forgained the password. 100% safe to usage. It won’t do any damages to your backup throughout the unlocking process. Three versatile ways to help you discover your forobtained password earlier. Rerelocate backup encryption settings from your iPhone with lightning rapid rate.


Steps to Unlock Encrypted Backup

Tip 1: On your computer system, launch KeyGenius. Then pick Unlock iTunes Backup choice. It will certainly sdeserve to the backup on the default folder.


Tip 2: Select the backup you want to unlock, then click on Next button.

Tip 3: Next off, choose the unlock strategy, here recommend the Brute-Force via Mask Attack. Then click on Next off to carry out as much information as possilble to gain your backup unlocked conveniently.

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Tip 4: Click on Start to Unlock button to start the procedure. Once it uncover the password, you"ll have the ability to use your backup normally!




Restoring an encrypted iPhone backup could end up being incredibly complicated if it keeps asking for password aobtain and aacquire. Fortunately, there are methods to resolve this problem. However, if you foracquired the iTunes backup password, it is recommended that you attempt to unlock it through slrfc.org KeyGenius as it is programmed with the latest decryption technology.