Look out, Gotham criminals! Here comes the new dynamic duo: Nightwing and also his Amazing Mullet! In spite of “You Scratch My Back” being created and also aired in the late 1990s, Penis Graychild is rocking a haircut that went out of style well before that point, and it looks just as great currently as it did then. It’s unfortunate bereason the DCAU Nightwing architecture is so sleek from the neck dvery own, however then there’s that mess of hair that puts a damper on the totality photo. Cosmetic nitpicking aside, Prick Grayson’s initially spotlight episode of The New Batman Adventures does a great project reflecting how the character has changed in his time ameans, introducing a new hero that doesn’t need the Dark Knight by his side, however one who could constantly use the assist.

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While scoping out the Gotham shipping yard, Nightwing finds himself faced through his old allies Batman and Batgirl, because wright here else are they going to be at dawn? Batguy stands earlier as Prick takes out a group of South American gun smugglers with the aid of Batgirl, then conveniently disshows up simply as Catwomale enters to tie up the last thug as a current for Nightwing. Selina Kyle has actually supposedly turned over a new leaf, and she desires to obtain in Dick’s good graces so that he’ll aid her take out a delivery of smuggled products run by Enrique El Gancho, a.k.a. Ricky the Hook.

Like the Joker, Catwoman’s restyle is one of the revamp’s most divisive looks, however I’m a fan of the solid black costume. It’s stealthy, yet it pops versus the red Gotham sky—although I’m not fairly sure why Selina’s exposed skin is totally white rather of flesh-colored. Does she powder her chin before she puts on the costume? Out of costume, Selina has ditched the Michelle Pfeiffer lengthy blonde hair and transitioned into the short brunette style of her comic book equivalent, and this helps make her look tougher and also much less glamorous. “You Scratch My Back” is just one of Catwoman’s stronger episodes on this series, turning her into a manipulative femme fatale who has just her own ideal interests at heart.

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The relationship between Bruce, Dick, and Barbara has adjusted significantly because Batman: The Animated Series, and while this episode doesn’t delve also deeply right into the resource of that animosity, it provides that brand-new dynamic to distract viewers from Nightwing’s actual arrangement. Barbara and also Cock are still friendly out of costume, but their previous intimacy has disappeared. He’d fairly not share the added seat on his motorcycle because he knows Barbara would certainly more than likely quite be in the front seat of the Batmobile beside Bruce.

Catwomale seduces Cock right into helping her track down El Gancho’s shipment and beat up the mob boss’s henchguys, and he actively helps her acquire Batguy off her tail when he spots the tracer on her whip. For a 2nd, it seems favor Selina Kyle may really be functioning on the side of the angels, and that’s when she retrieves the stolen Cat’s Eye Emerald that she had snuck right into Gancho’s loot. Dick reveals that he’s been teamed up via Batman and also Batgirl all alengthy to track dvery own the jewel, and also while his partners take out El Gancho and his goons, Nightwing chases down Catwoman to put an finish to their brief affair.

The popularity of the Hawkeye Initiative Tumblr has me thinking a lot about male and also female gaze as applied to superheroes, and also “You Scratch My Back” is an exciting instance where both are at occupational. Cock Grayson is one of the few male characters that has actually been overtly sexualized over the years; Marv Wolfmale and George Pérez realized that the book’s female readership liked seeing Penis in compromising positions (particularly via those short shorts), and his acrobatic background expected that he was attracted via even more grace than various other male heroes. In this episode, we have actually some Dick Grayboy fan organization as soon as he takes off his shirt while talking to Barbara, and also while he has actually the composure of Batmale once he’s on the ground, Prick moves more choose Batgirl via he actually jumps into activity.

On the flip side, there’s a totality lot of male gaze happening with Batgirl and also Catwoman. They kick most butt in this episode, yet when they’re not fighting, they’re standing around via their hips cocked to emphasize their curves. During the opening roofoptimal sequence, Batguy and Nightwing stand also grounded and confident while Barbara is bent at the waist, resting her hands on her in-turned knees. It’s a more submissive, immature pose, making her show up prefer less of a risk, however it likewise makes it even more powerful when she hops into battle and also starts delivering knockout blows.

“You Scratch My Back” is the first animated Batguy episode directed by Butch Lukic, that begins to create himself as one of the DCAU’s best activity directors with this story. There’s a clear anime affect in the fight scenes, where character expressions and also movements are exaggerated to produce more dynamic movement. Lukic is a good director for Nightwing’s first episode, and also he takes benefit of Dick’s circus past in the fight choreography, continuing to evolve the combat style he supplied as Robin.

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Dick’s change right into Nightwing is a major advance in Batman’s life, reflecting him that his allies are qualified of functioning on their own. It also renders Bruce cognizant of his own age, and also I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Bruce would certainly take so a lot catalyst from Nightwing’s costume once he developed the Batguy Beyond gear. Nightwing represents the future, and Batman would certainly be dumb not to embrace him.

Batguy Beatdown: When a thug flees from Batgirl and Nightwing at the shipping yard, he runs into Batmale casually leaning against some packing crates, looks the Dark Knight in the eye, and also freaks out. Beatdown through a glance!Beyond Dick’s mullet, the point that most days this episode is the large floppy disc he retrieves from the shipping agency.Loren Lester has lowered his voice for TNBA Cock Grayboy, and it does a lot to make the character sound more mature and aggressive. Dick’s not the college boy he used to be; currently he’s a male.With the restyle, the blue in Nightwing and also Batgirl’s costume unites them visually, while Batman’s black, grey, and also brown shade system leaves him on his very own.“You’re the one who raised him.” I love the means Batgirl acts prefer Dick’s stepmom when she’s in the costume.Bruce: “Not poor.” Dick: “Yeah, for a male your age.”