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Gabriel Garcia Marquez makes use of magical realism inthis short story to highlight the transformative power of imagination. Greatideas that spark change in the people are as an outcome of creative thinking.

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In perceiving things, we typically produce our very own reality.For instance to the kids, the drowned guy was initially an empty ship, a whaleand even a play object. This is the children’s imagination which we shallcompare with the women’s creative thinking of the drowned man.

The drowned male is described as being a larger-than-lifetype of mythical figure. He weighed even more than any type of dead guys they had actually ever knownand also was taller than all the men.

He earns excellent admiration from the woguys of thevillage. When they finish cleaning him, they are left in awe.

“Notonly was he the tallest, strongest, the majority of virile and best built man they hadever watched though they were looking at him, tbelow was no room for him in theirimagination.”

They were strongly attracted by his size and also beauty.They imagined that his residence would have actually the widest doors, highest ceiling andstrongest floor … and also his wife would have been the happiest woman. In their preoccupation, they imagine the drowned male had actually the capacity to work exceptionallyhard that springs would burst among the rocks permitting him to plant flowers onthe cliff. They compare him to their guys that dismiss out on them as being powerlessand also impotent. They compare the drowned male to mythical personalities such asEstevanico and Lautaro.

As a lot as they admire his physical attributes, theysympathize through him around the sad life he should have actually lived. As they dragged hisastronomical body on the floor they can’t assist but imagine exactly how bothersome it was to bethat substantial. He had actually to walk through door sidemethods, cracking his head on crossbeamsand also declining to sit on furniture fearing he might break them.

Their creativity shifts from an effective guy to a defenselessbeing “so much prefer their males that theinitially furrow of tear opened in their eyes”. They currently watch bad Esteban asthe a lot of destitute, many tranquil and many obliging male on earth. They weep andsob in sympathy. They are, yet, jubilant once they learn that he is notfrom the bordering village.

The men carry out not share the same admiration for Estebanas the woguys. They might even feel a tinge of jealousy and “mistrust in their liver”.There is adjust of heart later on considering that they also involved admire his beauty and sincerity.

Just as the women worked collectively in sewinggarments for drowned male the village becomes joined in a common vision whenplanning a magnificent funeral for the drowned stranger. They lug manyflowers and also select relatives for him.

“Throughhim all the inhabitants of the village became kinsguys.”

A good person has actually a transformational result on his/her admirers. The villagers had actually grown indifferent as a result of halittle and also didnot go out of their method to make their uninteresting, aloof stays much better. ThroughEsteban they end up being mindful “of the desolation of their highways, the dryness oftheir courtyards and also the narrowness of their dreams”. The greatness, beauty andsplendour of the drowned man arouse a desire for self innovation in thevillagers.

“Theyalso recognize that every little thing would certainly be various from now then.”

Since the drowned male is dead, he does not influencethem directly yet quite the readjust emanates from within the villagers. They realizethat only they are obligated for making various other or modify their bland, meaninglessstays and a man that is truly good can inspire adjust and also arouse the passion forself improvement in others, the majority of world that inspire the civilization are dead.

Similar to the children’s perception of the drownedman transforms from a ship to a whale to a play thing and of the villagers’perception of him transforms so does their minds readjust arousing a passion totranscreate their stays and their village.

The village is united and also has a widespread goal ofcommunal breakthrough as much as the women admire Esteban via his mystical prowess;they realize that only they could lug readjust and also not a mythical stranger.They aspire to accomplish extraplain accomplishments in their very own truth

This village is desolate and also lifemuch less via no flowers,no garden, a base cliff, wind and also sea. The villagers are currently unified in a bid toput good initiatives into digging for springs among the stones and also plantingflowers on the cliff.

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They additionally setup to build dwellings with broader doors, higherceilings and stronger floors and paint their residences gay colors in memory of Esteban

There are many outstanding people through admirable traitsor uncanny abilities that inspire the civilization yet change must come from within us.Tbelow is no allude in living an average life.