“Not on the Outside” was before Harry Ray’s involvement with the group, and also Mark Greene was a vocalist here. The album goes back to the Moment’s first hit single, 1968’s “Not On The Outside,” a mid-tempo number. This is not the just timeless jam right here. The team relies much less on cover product, and even more on originals, frequently written by Sylby means of Robinkid, and with some lyrical help from the team itself.

Here, we have the original Moments’ version of “Love On A Two-Way Street” from 1968-69. Lezslie Valentine, one more Stang Records artist did the first variation in 1968, and her version is truly heartfelt and emotionally purging, yet her version did not chart to the best of my expertise. The Moments picked it up, and even it took a while before they obtained fame from it as a smash: it took until early 1970, and also the song was re-released on A Moment With the Moments album likewise in 1970. The song is truly among my favorite songs of all time, and it rings with soft, sweet neo-doo-wop harmony. Another favorite from Not On… is the slow drag winner “Somebody Loves You Baby“, a song through a sweet, string laden arrangement foreshadowing the soft harmony soul that would prevail in the early 70’s. Tright here are some phat uptempo grooves below too, such as the groovy “Hurts On Me Baby“, slightly reminiscent of a Motown recording of the late 60’s. “Pocketful of Heartbreak” is yet one more sreduced heartfelt jam, based on doo-wop harmony. I really love the sreduced jams, and tright here are plenty here.


By Andrew Hamilton

An astehazard should be put on the Moments’ first LP release for Stang Records, as the label was seeking to capitalize on the success of “Not on the Outside“. Billy Brown, Al Goodman, and also Johnny Morgan are pictured on the cover as the Moments, and this trio does percreate the mass of the tunes, however the guys who sang on “Not on the Outside” and also “Understanding” were a fully different team. For years, many assumed Billy Brown led the song; Mark Greene, a Baltimorean, actually sang lead, accompanied by Johnny Moore and Richie Horsely, the original Moments. Some swear there were 4 members on the recording. However, as soon as released, only 3 members were around, and 2 of them — Horsely and Greene — were fired as the song ran up the R&B chart, avoiding at number 13; it reached the 57th place on the pop chart. The original Moments only did one gig, a week-long Apollo Theater engagement. 

Johnny Morgan leads on “Understanding“, a rather dull song, and also Al Goodman fronts “Pocketful of Heartbreak” — much better, but still nondemanuscript. Billy Brvery own handles the rest and also shines on “Sunday” and also “I’m So Lost“, two ballads done in Brown’s innocent-sounding falsetto. Brown displays restrained emotion on the supercharged ballad “Somebody Loves You Baby“; among their a lot of underrated recordings which was released as the B-side of “Sunday”. “I Won’t Do Anything” pretty however lame, was covered by labelmate Lezlie Valentine. And what came to be their best recording wasn’t released instantly.

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Listening to “Love on a Two Way Street” critically, it’s understandable regarding why Sylvia organized it earlier and regarded it as an album reduced. It sounds infinish, with an off-key clanging guitar note played during the song coming to be irritating after repeated plays.