Founded to serve as a team of “slrfc.orgs” ready to solve facility troubles,, Inc. has actually delivered prstove business options for our customers’ toughest obstacles given that 2008 — each day providing the vital understanding and also support to discover a “variation of yes” to support their objectives.

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Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) job-related across multiple technical and also skilled solutions techniques to supply options within 5 lines of business: Solution Engineering and also Technical Assistance; Operations And Mission Support; Intelligence; Training; and also Technical Advisors.

Headquartered in Northern Virginia, with satellite workplaces in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and Orlando, Florida, gives exceptional technological and also expert support solutions to the Department of Defense, including OSD, USSOCOM, Navy, Military and also Air Force; the Department of Homeland also Security, consisting of Customs and Border Protection and also the UNITED STATE Coast Guard; and also commercial customers. Our corporate culture of discovering fosters development that allows our SMEs to transcreate their concepts into solutions for each of our customers’ distinct and also detailed difficulties.


Award Winning Culture is a six-time Inc. 5000 award honoree and recipient of multiple awards for impressive corporate culture. Our society is shaped by our guiding principles: Human Not Position; Empowerment; Purpose; Clear Goals; and also Learning Ethos.


Behavioral Recruiting

The key to’s talent acquisition success is three full-time corporate recruiters through distinctive specialties and also netfunctions throughout the cleared community. Our recruiters are experienced in behavioral interviewing and also leverage a selection of recruiting sources.


Award Winning Innovation

Our corpoprice society of discovering inspires invention and has actually resulted in acknowledgment as part of our client teams receiving the following awards: 2016 DoD David Packard Excellence in Acquisition Award; 2018 OMB FAI Team Acquisition Excellence Award; and also 2019 DoD CI TSCM Team Award.

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Industry Leading Retention’s core values that emphadimension “world matter” and also award-winning society are tricks to our 90+% retention success, much higher than the sector average of 75%. We carry out a number of distinctive benefits that also enhance retention.