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Known as the John Teller’s manuscript/journal, “The Life and also Death of Sam Crow” is the reason why Jax Teller wanted to honour his father’s dream for SAMCRO and also not a club doing a gun running procedure.

It was created after the death of John Teller’s youngest son, Thomas Teller, and finished on March 15, 1993. Its major layout is John’s regrets about what SAMCRO had actually come to be, what his original principle for the club was and also exactly how it went wrong.

The manuscript showed up on the initially seakid of the show as soon as Jax found it in storage, but Gemma took the original manumanuscript and also burn it to save Jax from knowing the reality behind his father’s death. But at the finish of the seakid Jax was offered a copy by Piermont ‘Piney’ Winston at Donna Winston’s funeral. In Seaboy 2 Jax gives the book to Tara and Opie to check out. During Seachild 5, Jax was seen founding to compose his very own manumanuscript in a book, yet was interrupted by Tig and also Chibs. At the end of the series, he’s viewed burning all copies of both his father’s and also his manuscripts, a move to break the cycle for the sake of his sons.

These below are excerpts of pages that Jax read from the manuscript in the time of some of the episodes.

(1×01 Pilot)


For my sons. Thomas, who is already at peace. And Jackkid, might he never before understand this life of chaos.

Sometimes things begin with a good idea. You realize tbelow is a require and also you come up through an answer to that need. Other times points just begin. The Sons of Anarchy was the name I came up with in 8th grade for me and my ideal friends. We were going to readjust the civilization. What we really did was carry out the points that most kids carry out in a little teams, elevated a tiny hell, drank a couple of 6 packs and also drove cars didn’t belengthy to us. We loved cars and motorcycles, we referred to as ourselves motorheads even though none of us knew what that intended.

(1×02 “Seeds”)

Many of us were not violent by nature.We all had actually our troubles with authority, however none of us were sociocourses.We concerned realize that when you move your life off the social grid, you offer up on the security that society offers. On the fringe, blood and bullets are the dominance of lawand if you’re a guy through convictions,violence is unavoidable.(1×03 “Fun Town”)

When we take action to avenge the ones we love,individual justice collides through social and magnificent justice.We come to be judge, jury and god.With that option comes daunting obligation.Some guys cave under that weight, others abusage the momentum.The true outlegislation finds the balance in between the passion in his heart and the factor in his mind.The solution is constantly an equal mix of can and appropriate.

(1×04 “Patch Over”)

The first time I review Emma Goldguy, it wasn’t in a book.I was 16. I was hiking close to the Nevada border.The quote was painted on a wall surface in red.When I experienced those words, it was favor someone ripped them from the inside of my head.

“Anarchism means the liberation of the huguy mind from the preeminence of religious beliefs and liberation of the humale body from the coercion of property; liberation from the shackles and also restraint of government. It represents a social order based upon the complimentary grouping of individuals.”

The principle was pure, easy, true.It influenced me. Lit a rebellious fire.But ultimately I learned a leschild that Goldman, Proudhon, and also the others learned:That true freedom requires sacrifice and pain.Most human beings just think they desire liberty.In fact, they yearn for the bondage of social order, rigid legislations, materialism.The only liberty male really wants is the liberty to be comfortable.

(1×06 “AK-51”)

The older I get the more I realize that age doesn’t bring wisdom. Tt only brings weary.I’m not any kind of smarter than i was 30 years back.I’ve just grown as well worn down to juggle the lies and hide the fears.Self-awareness doesn’t disclose my indiscretions…fatigue does.

(1×07 “Old Bones”)

Inside the club tbelow to be fact.Our word was our honor.But outside…it was all around deception.Lies were our defense, our default.To survive you had actually to grasp the art of perjury.The lie and the reality had to feel the exact same.But when you learn that skill nobody knows the truthin or external the club…especially you.

(1×08 “The Pull)

Einstein said that any kind of intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complicated and also more violent. But it takes a touch of genius and also several courage to relocate something in the oppowebsite direction.I’m realizing that my touch of genius and my courage are coming also bit, too late…and I fear that for SAMCRO tright here might be no oppowebsite direction.

(1×09 “Hell Followed”)

I never before made a aware decision to have the club end up being one point or another.It just happened… prior to my eyes.Each savage occasion was a catalyst for the nextand also by the time the violence got to epic propercent,I couldn’t check out it.Blood was eexceptionally color.

(1×13 “The Revelator”)

To my earliest, dearemainder, and also wisest frifinish,

What we started, you and also I, was an excellent thing, for an excellent reason.What we’ve become is a different point, for reasonsI no much longer understand also.I feel angry winds at my earlier and also I’m not sure howa lot time I have actually left in this cut I love so a lot.This book is for all the points we wanted.And for all the things we still deserve to be.

I love you, brvarious other.(J.T.)

(2.05 “Smite”)

I realized that in my downward spiral of hopelessness, I was actually falling intothe expensive hole created by my absence of fundamental huguy graces.The a lot of noticeable was forgiveness.If I was wronged, by anyone, in or out of the club, I had to be compensated,money or blood.Tbelow was no turning the various other cheek.When relationships end up being a ledger of profit and also loss,you have no friends, no loved ones…just pluses and also minuses.You are absolutely alone.

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(2×10 “Balm”)

I uncovered myself shed in my own club.I trusted few, feared most.Nomad offered escape and also exile.I didn’t understand if leaving would certainly cure or kill this point we created.I didn’t understand if it was an act of stamina or cowardice.I didn’t know…so I remained.I remained because in the finish, the only method I could hold this up was to experience under the weight of it.