After analysis the document "Take a Closer Look", recognize the statement that finest summarizes the main concept of the text.Lenses are used in many kind of gadgets that assist human being study the people even more carefully.All lenses are supplied to magnify objects.The lens in your eye works choose the lens of a cam.There are 2 forms of telescopes: refracting and mirroring.

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Based on your analysis of "Take a Closer Look", what can you say around the image that creates on the retina of your eye?
Sample Response: The lens of the eye is a convex lens. The photo that it develops on the retina is upside down.
Use the drop-down food selection to answer the question."Take a Closer Look" shows the Hubble telescope. Wright here is the Hubble telescope located?
Use the drop-dvery own menu to answer the question.According to "Take a Closer Look", what type of lens is offered to correct nearsightedness?
Which are supplies of lasers? Check all that apply.scanning barcodestransmitting telephone and Web signalsstudying inner body partscutting through steels, ceramics, plastics, and also clothcorrecting vision problems
Refer to the diagram to the left and use the drop-down menus to recognize the parts of a magnifying glass.
Why does the sample on a microscope slide need to be extremely thin?so it have the right to fit on the phase of the microscopeso light deserve to shine through it from belowso it have the right to be watched through a diverging lensso the eyeitem lens have the right to be concentrated properly
An arthroscope deserve to be put right into a knee joint with a very tiny incision to help a physician research the knee. A light is transmitted via the scope to illuminate the joint.What form of light technology is being described?
Sample Response: The innovation being described is fiber optics. Since they are tiny and also functional, they enable physicians to check out locations that they might otherwise be unable to view without surgical treatment.
Which are benefits of mirroring telescopes? Check all that apply.Tbelow is no rainbow-favor halo around the picture.Reflecting telescopes deserve to be made exceptionally big.Reflecting telescopes usage just lenses, not mirrors.Only the showing side of the major mirror needs to be perfectly shaped and also smooth.The eyepiece creates a picture for the observer.
1. Tbelow is no rainbow-favor halo around the image.2. Reflecting telescopes can be made incredibly big.4. Only the showing side of the major mirror demands to be perfectly shaped and smooth.
What is the correct sequence for light traveling via a microscope?light - objective lens - slide - eyepiece lenslight - slide - objective lens - eyepiece lenseyepiece lens - objective lens - slide - lightslide - light - objective lens - eyeitem lens
Greg is offering a slide show presentation to a big audience. How could a laser finest help him via the presentation?He can use the laser to enbig images on the slides.He deserve to usage the laser to suggest to specific indevelopment on the slides.He have the right to use the laser to sdeserve to and record information about the slides.He can usage the laser to make the imperiods even more clear.
Makori drew the diagram below to display just how a light microscopic lense works.Which best describes exactly how Makori deserve to correct the error in his diagram?Change the label "Virtual image from objective lens" to "Real picture from objective lens."Switch the locations of the eyeitem lens and also the objective lens.Move the light so it is shining downward from the eyepiece lens towards the objective lens.Rearea "Convex" through "Concave" on the label for the eyepiece lens.
A magnifying glass will certainly create a bigger, digital image bereason the glass is made of a ________ lens.Which best completes the statement?convexconcavemirroredflat
Which ideal describes just how fiber-optic modern technology has improved communication?It has got rid of the must sfinish audio data via telephones.It has allowed for much faster transmission of Internet signals.It has actually enhanced the rate at which light travels with area.It has decreased society"s reliance on devices such as computers and also cell phones.
Which is a property of laser light that makes it advantageous for cutting metals?its focused energyits single colorits scattered energyits multiple colors
Which finest compares a nondigital and a digital camera?A nondigital camera produces imperiods utilizing mirrors, and also a digital camera produces them using lenses.A nondigital electronic camera produces a real picture, and also a digital cam produces a digital picture.A nondigital video camera offers a concave lens to capture light, and also a digital cam offers a convex lens.A nondigital cam provides film to document images, and also a digital electronic camera provides sensors.

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Which is a use of fiber optics?correcting vision problemstransmitting telephone signalsgathering light from far-off objectscreating and also reading CDs and also DVDs
How are reflecting telescopes equivalent to gadgets that create laser light?Both usage crystals to produce a beam of light.Both have actually convex lenses that magnify objects.Both have concave lenses that magnify objects.Both use mirrors to reflect a beam of light.
What kind of picture does the lens in a camera produce?real and also upside downreal and also right-side uponline and upside downvirtual and right-side up
Which is one use of lasers?redeveloping imeras to make them clearerproducing a enhanced photo of the mooncutting an iron bar into 2 piecesmaking a leaf show up larger so its veins are visible
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