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Written by Julia Wolf

That Wednesday in a tiny fishing village on bare cliffs was going to be a replica of a previous one. The guys were in the sea, trying to catch fish, so that they family members wouldn’t know hunger. The womales were busy doing household chores. The just ones who were free to carry out what they wimelted were children. They were playing on the beach once among them had actually noticed something substantial drifting near the shore. It turned out to be a dead man’s corpse. That surely made the children’s game even more interesting. They had actually been playing with him for a rather lengthy duration of time once among the adults noticed them. Taking right into account the impressive dimension of the dead male, the male populace of the village gathered together to carry him right into among the houses. In the light of a tiny variety of people in the village, they quickly realized that the male was a stranger. As quickly as they dropped him in the house via the woguys to take care around the remainder, they went to a bordering village to discover out whether the male was theirs. The woguys began the preparations.

First of all, they cleaned him from jellyfish, seaweed and also the crust. His clean face was very handsome, so they couldn’t aid yet admire it. Then they sewed him some clothes to cover his body. It was difficult not to notification how significant the man was. He was astronomical like a whale and that made the womales think around the life he offered to lead. It had to be really uncomfortable to massive as substantial as him, so they started pitying him. It appeared to them that he provided to be mistreated by people, that liked to talk about him behind his back. However, in their thoughts, the dead male was always an important figure. It couldn’t be any type of other means. He was certainly clever before, strong, kind, flawmuch less.

Those musings made them realize that the corpse’s name was Esteban. When the men returned home, they were angry and also irritated to discover their mothers, wives and also daughters to run like hens, talking just around the dead man. It wasn’t to their liking that they were absolutely neglected. As if to show why they were so involved around the ceremony, one of the woguys removed a handkerchief from Esteban’s face. Then they known him as well. When the minute of parting came and all of them gathered on a cliff in order to return Esteban’s body to the waters, they comprised their minds to develop larger houses through massive doors and also huge windows, plant trees and also flowers, so that Esteban would desire to return to them someday.

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