The cdf for $X=$ measurement error of Exercise 3 is$$F(x)=left{eginarraycc0 & {x.5)$(d) Verify that $f(x)$ is as given in Exercise 3 by obtaining $F^prime(x)$ .(e) Verify that $eta=0$ .

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Probcapability via Applications in Engineering, Science, and also Technology (precalculus, calculus, Statistics)

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Hey, it's clear. So once you're in here so we're given F of X and also for a component, ay recon. Great probability that excess smaller than zero was equal to of zero, which is equal to allude five. Party from the Given CDF. We deserve to create probability that it's between negative one and also one world to up one minus an unfavorable one, just equal to we simply plug it in from the equation. 1/2 plus 3 over 32 for harness on Turn Cube, minus the exact same thing that we plug in negative one or transforms negative. One mourners Negative one cute over 3. This gives us 0.6 875 for part C in the Given CDF from rape. Thanks, that's greater than 0.5 is equal to one minus. Well, we plug in 0.5 right into our attribute. Miscues. This money minus wouldn't have actually garments 3 over 32 or times 0.5 minus 0.5. Cute over three, which offers us 0.3164 for Party for values affects which the derivative exists. We specify it as after box is equal to you're a video. We'll continue over here, and if it's in between negative 2 and 2. It could be written as the results. Do you ever before d'oh! It's times as soon as have actually plus three over 32 comes for X minus. That's cute over three, and also then this is equal to suggest their own. Nine 375 times for minus X squared so we can word it as F of X is equal to zero praxis smaller than negative, also. 0.9375 tons or minus X square for the interval. Negative, also. 22 but two is not bounded on DDE. Not included. One for a party according to the definition of the median recon raid human being 2.5 so wouldn't have plus three over 32. We just plug it in. Yeah, is equal to 12. So we know that it has three possible worth zero negative skirt of 12 r squared of 12. But considering that there has to be in the interval negative to two to a house, we equal to zero


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Probcapacity with Applications in Engineering, Science, and Technology (precalculus, calculus, Statistics)