Different people prefer to convey their concepts and also opinions in different ways. In addition, various people also prefer to take in principles and opinions from others in various methods.

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These various methods in which human being approach the process of interaction, i.e. the procedure of conveying and taking in concepts and opinions, are referred to as communication formats.

If you don’t understand your very own interaction style, it’s challenging to be self-mindful while conversing.

If you don’t understand the communication styles of the world you are conversing through, it’s difficult to optimize your communication approach.

In terms of just how world connect in different situations or via various civilization, we acknowledge submissive, aggressive, passive-aggressive, manipulative, and also assertive communication styles.

In terms of whether they have actually a direct or indirect, supporting or controlling interaction style, civilization might be viewed as relators, socializers, thinkers, or directors.

In terms of exactly how they like to connect information, world might be perceived as analytical, intuitive, functional, or personal communicators.

If you currently determine with a details personality kind or generally converse via people of specific personality kinds, expertise about the communication styles of these personality types might also help you enhance how you receive/convey information.

In this guide, we’ll carry out examples of the above-listed communication styles, talk about their positives and negatives, and melted light on exactly how you deserve to usage knowledge around different interaction formats to better understand also and interact via others, yet additionally aid others better understand and also interact with you.


Table of Contents

Communication styles, division by Bourne (1995)Submissive interaction styleAggressive interaction stylePassive-aggressive interaction styleManipulative interaction styleAssertive interaction styleCommunication styles, division by Alessandra & Hunsaker (1993)RelatorsSocializersThinkersDirectorsCommunication layouts, department by Murphy et al.The communication formats of different MBTI personality typesWrapping up

Communication layouts, division by Bourne (1995)

According to psychologist Edmund J. Bourne Ph.D. and his book titled ”The Anxiety and also Phobia Workbook”, we acknowledge 5 various kinds of communication styles: submissive, aggressive, passive-aggressive, manipulative, and assertive.

For individuals, these interaction layouts might be dominant, or might be provided in specific instances or via certain people.


Here’s what each is around in even more information.

Submissive communication style

The submissive style of communication is concentrated on pleasing various other people and also avoiding all disputes.

For submissive communicators, the needs of others are always even more important than their very own needs.

They frequently act choose various other civilization have actually more legal rights than them and more means to add in conversations, meetings, discussions, and various other kinds of communication cases.

Common behavioral features of submissive communicators.

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When it comes to their general behavior, submissive communicators tend to:

be apologetic;stop expressing their feelings, opinions, and desires;stop confrontations;discover it difficult to take on responsibility;have challenges making decisions;blame others for occasions and situations;refusage compliments;feel like victims.Typical non-verbal habits of submissive communicators

When it involves their non-verbal behavior, submissive communicators tfinish to:

have a soft voice volume;host their heads down;twist and also fidget;avoid eye contact;aim to take up as bit room as possible;make themselves appear smaller sized, to avoid having other human being notification them.