In this explainer, we will certainly learn how to define distance as the length of a course in between two positions and displacement as the straight-line distance in between two positions.

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Let us first comment on distance.

When an object moves from one allude to another, it moves alengthy a path that connects those points. The route that the object moves alengthy has a size. This size equals the distance that the object moves.

A course in between two points can be a directly line between them. The following number reflects a directly path that a things moves along.



For both straight lines and also curves, it renders no difference to the distance traveled which allude the object travels from and also which it travels to, as the length of the line is the exact same either means. A distance does not have actually a direction, only a magnitude.

Quantities that have magnitudes however not directions are scalar quantities; for this reason, distance is a scalar quantity.

When a things moves, the motion deserve to be between even more than 2 points.

Suppose that an object travels from a point A to a allude B, and also then from allude B to a suggest C, as displayed in the adhering to figure.

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The motion of the object can be split into the activity from A to B and also the movement from B to C.

The distance,