Answer for the clue "Formerly the chief magistrate in the republics of Venice and Genoa ", 4 letters: doge

The Collaborative Internationwide Dictionary Word interpretations in The Collaborative International Dictionary Doge Doge, n. The chief magistprice in the republics of Venice and Genoa.

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary n. (context historic English) The chief magistprice in the republics of Venice and also Genoa.

Douglas Harper"s Etymology Dictionary Word meanings in Douglas Harper"s Etymology Thesaurus "chief magistrate of Venice or Genoa," 1540s, from Venetian language doge , from Latin ducem , accusative of dux "leader" (see duke (n.)).

WordNet Word meanings in WordNet n. previously the chief magistrate in the republics of Venice and Genoa

Wikipedia Word meanings in Wikipedia A doge (; , plural dogi or doges ) was an chosen, chief-of-state lordship , the leader of the republic in many type of of the Italian city-states throughout the medieval and also renaissance periods, in the Italian "crowned republics".

Usage examples of doge.

When the Bucentaur came to be stationary, a room around her stern was cleared, and also the Doge appeared in a rich gallery, so constructed regarding exhilittle the action to all in sight.

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Giustiniani, for some bella donzella who shall be liked for their young master--that is like a prince, and also will finish someday in being Doge!

To crown the misfortune of such an accident it would certainly make the totality of Europe laugh, and also human being would certainly not fail to say that the Doge of Venice had actually gone at last to consumate his marital relationship.

The exact same day, April 17, the Doge dictated his will to the notary Piero de Compostelli, leaving the 2000 lire to his wife Aluica.

The Doge and also the Signoria sat in their accustomed areas in their stately Assembly Chamber as soon as the cardinal came through congratulations upon the withdrawal of the interdict, and also the words of the Serenissimo, as he offered the promised parchment, were few and dignified.

This splendid ceremony of inspection by the Doge was a day of annual triumph, for nowright here in all the civilization was tright here such an arsenal, and nowbelow such an army of workmen,--thirty-5 thousand also guys trained to the shrewd from father to boy in lifelong service,--via seafarers, sixteenager thousand also even more, who should presently make a brave evaluation within those battlemented wall surfaces, to tickle the fancy of the Serenissimo and also his guests.

I did, and also she said yes, her husband also, prefer eexceptionally other member of the Venetian Grand Council, would be attfinishing both the funeral rites for the late Doge and the installation ceremonies of the brand-new one once he had actually been selected.

Two days after my arrival, as I was acquiring all set to accompany the Bucentoro, on which the Doge was going, as usual, to wed the Adriatic, the widow of so many type of husbands, and yet as young as on the initially day of her development, a gondolier carried me a letter.

Greek and Latin products, and we are indebted to him for a correct state of the fleet, the names of the fifty Venetian nobles that commanded the galleys of the republic, and the patriot opposition of Pantaleon Barbus to the alternative of the doge for emperor.

He uncovered some means of returning to his beloved Venice, in spite of the law forbidding any type of noble who has filled the office of doge to leave his native soil.

Even that commerce was however occasional, and with three-fourths of its climbing tides the dirty indecorous drab of a river would come solitarily oozing and also lapping at the rusty ring, as if it had actually heard of the Doge and the Adriatic, and wanted to be married to the good conserver of its filthiness, the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor.

Doges and also the Bureaucrats fleeing the square, not without belaboring each other in the process, each blaming the other for the disaster.

But the Doge Species, via the inveteprice halittle bit of sellers, had designed their equipment with a cheeseparing mindset.

Venice,--her Doges, her generals, her artists, her heads of noble family members,--and the monuments were in maintaining via all its sumptuous decorations, for the Frati Minori of the convent to which it belonged--just throughout the narrowhead lane at the side of the church--were both rich and generous, and many of its gifts and also furnishings reflected the highest possible art to which modern Venice had actually attained.

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Venice, in the splendid temple of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, beside the burial places of doges and condottieri of the fifteenth century there stands that wretched monument upon which the excellent name of Titian has been traced.