A positive institution society is exceptionally vital to the success of a school. At Person Early College, we are interested in every one of our students" success. Learning will be a cooperative effort yielded via caring relationships.

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Culture Characteristics:

Apersonalized and also caringfinding out environmentwhere management and staff interact weekly regarding student comes to, requirements and development in our regime. The college year starts via an integrated bridge program that helps students change right into their college environment, initialize the positive relationships with staff and each other throughteam structure activities, and also some fun learning tasks alengthy the method. Confident relationships are cultivated in order to foster success in the Early College scholastic regimen, success in future scholastic searches and success in life. Relationships execute matter! It is through these positive relationships that we are able to assist encourage and also motivate our students to AIM High! To Almeans Imagine More!, which is our school motto.

​Acollaborationin between Human being County Schools and also Piedmont Community College that offers a seamless shift from high school to college and/or career.


​Alittle finding out communitywbelow administration, staff, and also students understand each other. Students learn in a cohort of 20 -25 students per class.

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​Adistinct discovering experiencethrough a curricular focus onSTEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, and also Math) and rigorous accelerated finding out avenues. Tright here are no athletic, chorusor art programs for students to participate in, but, tright here are clubs and also various other institutions that students might join throughout their matriculation. Students may also take part in Human High School pep band. Tbelow are no bells and also no typical day-to-day schedule. A Blended discovering instructional model is offered that incorpoprices project based finding out and linked discovering in all courses. As an outcome, tright here are avenues for mentorships with neighborhood service partners, field trips to businesses and also colleges, business discovering projects (regional, regional, nationwide and also international)and also activities. Leadership is urged via organization learning, student council, competitive events, student led conferences, SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) and also a character/management curriculum. Many type of of these opportunities take place throughout theFlex periods and/or Flex Fridays.