Teach us to number our days carefully so that we may construct wisdom in our hearts.

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— Psalm 90:12, HCSB

Two days prior to 2019 finished, I nearly didn’t check out the new year. My slrfc.org teammate and I were on our means to grab lunch at Chipotle when I happened to look in my rearcheck out mirror and see danger! A large truck was barreling toward us. Flooring the gas, I attempted to steer out of its way, however the truck didn’t slow-moving down. Boom! After crushing us from behind, the truck continued to drive one more 30 yards, jump a curb and also tear down a tree. My auto was totaled, utterly ruined, yet thankfully our stays were spared.

If God had actually not prompted me to look earlier and also react, we would certainly have actually likely finiburned 2019 in Heaven…or at the hospital. Although I’m looking forward to Heaven, I believe the ideal is yet to come and God isn’t done via me. Praying and mediating on this situation, particularly once I did see 2020, took me to Psalm 90:12, among my favorite verses. Psalm 90 is the earliest of the 150 Psalms in the Holy bible, created by Moses as a prayer.

In this Psalm, Moses prays to the Lord for instruction and revelation, “Teach me to number my days!” I don’t think he literally intended counting his precise days of life on earth (also though that isn’t a poor idea); however rather, Moses asked God just how to make every day count. Moses even threw in the problem of “closely,” realizing that slowing down is vital to seeing eincredibly day as a gift from God!

Count your days to make your days count.

I love the second part of this verse, “So that we may construct wisdom in our hearts.” More than ever, I need, desire and also desire more wisdom. Daily. When we count our days, we make our days count, and we grow in wisdom.

A excellent meaning of wisdom is simply seeing things the way God sees them. When we view eincredibly day in this method, tright here is no waste. Eexceptionally day counts. And when eextremely day counts, we don’t have actually simply excellent days, we have actually God-days! Not perfect days, yet God-days. What are God-days? Times we check out God’s fingerprints almost everywhere them. He is working and also using the good and the bad for His objectives. Each day is filled with mission and also meaning.

No wasted days, simply God-days!

In light of my accident, I am reminded that life isn’t a playground…but a battleground. Eincredibly day, there is a fight for my soul waged by an opponent seeking to kill and also destroy. Satan wants to turn God-days right into wasted days. I won’t stand also for it. I desire to attack 2020 via more wisdom. James 1:5 tells us, “If any kind of of you lacks wisdom, he have to ask God, that provides to all generously and without criticizing, and it will certainly be provided to him.” I am lacking! I need even more wisdom today! So, I’m asking God for it, and I invite you to sign up with me!

We should believe our ideal is yet to come! God will always show up and occupational His plan—which is excellent and pleasing. Oswald Chambers claims, “Keep your life so constantly in touch via God that His surpincreasing power have the right to break via at any type of suggest. Live in a continuous state of span and leave room for God to come in as He decides.”

There are many kind of factors to believe the ideal is yet to come in our resides, yet I think there are 3 main factors. Why The Best Is Yet To Come: 1. God is in manage. 2. God is good. 3. God desires the best for you.

For me personally, and also for slrfc.org, I think the ideal is yet to come. God’s hand also is strongly upon slrfc.org, and He proceeds to pour out His favor and also blessing. It appears favor it was simply yesterday when I found myself in a room of 150 staff and also felt amazed by just how many kind of remarkable leaders God increased up. That was 1990! To start off 2020, we hired our 2,000th teammate! For even more than 65 years, God has supplied faithful slrfc.org servants to reach countless coaches and also athletes. We’re now doing minisattempt in 93 countries! The ideal is yet to come! Coaches and also athletes are being led right into a growing relationship via Jesus Christ about the human being because of donors and also volunteers like you who have actually joined Team slrfc.org.

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When we count our days, we make our days count. No more wasted days or also good days. Just God-days ahead for every one of us.

Father in Heaven, I want even more wisdom this particular day. Aid me to check out things the means You see them. I trust You and also believe the ideal is yet to come. Give me days that are noted by You. I provide You this year. In Jesus’ name, Aguys.