Nash, Gary B.; Jeffrey, Julie Roy; Howe, John R.; Frederick, Peter J.; Davis, Allen F.; Winkler, Allan M.; Mires, Charlene; Pestana, Carla Gardina


This engaging message examines U.S. history as revealed with the experiences of all Americans, both simple and also extrasimple. With a thought-provoking and wealthy presentation, the authors check out the complicated lives of Americans of all national beginnings and social backgrounds, at all levels of culture, and in all areas of the nation. A colorful four-color design and also compact dimension make this book available, convenient, and also easy-to check out.

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About the Author:

Gary B. Nash obtained his Ph.D. from Princeton College. He is presently Director of the National Center for History in the Schools at the University of California, Los Angeles, wbelow he teaches early american and also revolutionary Amerihave the right to background. A former president of the Organization of Amerideserve to Chroniclers, his scholarship is specifically concerned through the role of common civilization in the making of history.

Julie Roy Jeffrey earned her Ph.D. in background from Rice College. Since then she has actually taught at Goucher College. Honored as an outstanding teacher, Jeffrey has been connected in faculty advance tasks and also curriculum testimonial. She was Fullbbest Chair in Amerihave the right to Studies at the College of Southern Denmark, 1999-2000 and John Adams Chair of Amerihave the right to History at the College of Utrecht, The Netherlands, 2006. She is the author of many posts on the stays and perceptions of nineteenth-century woguys. Her research continues to emphasis on abolitionism as well as on history and also film.

John R. Howe received his Ph.D. from Yale University. At the University of Minnesota, he has taught the UNITED STATE history survey and courses on the American revolutionary era and the early republic. His present research encounters the social national politics of verbal discourse in late eighteenth- and also early on nineteenth-century Boston. He has received a Woodrow Wilboy Graduate Fellowship, a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, and a Research Fellowship from the Charles Warren Center for Studies in Amerideserve to History.

Peter J. Frederick obtained his Ph.D. in history from the College of California, Berkeley. His career of innovative teaching started at The golden state State College, Hayward, in the 1960s and also ongoing at Wabash College (1970-2004) and Carleton College (1992-1994) He also offered as distinguished Professor of Amerideserve to History and also Culture at Heritage University on the Yakama Nation reservation in Washington in between 2004 and 2006. Recognized nationally as a distinguished teacher and for his many kind of articles and also workshops on teaching and also finding out, Frederick was awarded the Eugene Asher Award for Excellence in Teaching by the AHA in 2000.

Allen F. Davis earned his Ph.D. from the College of Wisconsin. A previous president of the Amerihave the right to Studies Association, he is a professor emeritus at Temple University and editor of Conflict and also Consensus in Amerideserve to History (nine ed., 1997).

Allan M. Winkler received his Ph.D. from Yale College. He has taught at Yale and also the College of Oregon, and he is currently Distinguimelted Professor of History at Miami University of Ohio. An award-winning teacher, he has also publimelted extensively about the current previous. His research centers on the relationships in between public policy and famous mood in modern history.

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Charlene Mires earned her Ph.D. in background at Temple College. At Villanova University, she teaches courses in nineteenth- and also twentieth-century UNITED STATE background, public background, and material culture. She is the author of Independence Hall in Amerihave the right to Memory (2002) and serves as editor of the Pennsylvania History Studies Series for the Pennsylvania Historical Association. A former journalist, she was a co-recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for general neighborhood news reporting with other staff members at the Fort Wayne (Indiana) News-Sentinel.

Carla Gardina Pestana obtained her Ph.D. from the College of California at Los Angeles. She taught at Ohio State College, where she offered as a Lilly Teaching Other and launched an imaginative on-demand publishing project. Currently she holds the W.E. Smith Professorship in History at Miami College. At existing, she is completing a book on religion in the British Atlantic people to 1830 for classroom usage.