Tejay van Garderen (BMC) was compelled to abandon the Tour de France during phase 17 while sitting in 3rd location in its entirety on Wednesday. The American cited a lingering disease, which was picked up four days earlier in the time of stage 13, for the reason he struggled via the 161kilometres phase from Digne-les-Bains to Pra-Loup, and also inevitably pulled out of the race on the Col de la Colle.

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Van Garderen drops out of Tour de France

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Tour de France phase 17 quotes: Sanchez claims shedding van Garderen is a vast blow to BMC

“I was fighting a tiny little bit of a cold that I had actually picked up after phase 13, that day through the really intense warm, and also for a while I was fine via the sniffles and not a big deal,” van Garderen shelp after the stage in a team audio recording. “It began getting a bit worse and also on the remainder day I was having actually some feverish symptoms and chills.

“I woke up in the morning this particular day and also I felt prefer the worst of it was on the rest day, and also I had actually provided my body a opportunity to recuperate. I felt hopeful and also optimistic and also I had a great night sleep and also I felt all set to race, I felt closer to normal. But when I obtained out there, my muscles had actually no energy and also I couldn’t press.

“Straight amethod from the begin, I knew this wasn’t good, and also hopecompletely I might just hide and also ride right into it for a couple of kilometres and also I would feel better however those sensations never before came. Oh man, it is hugely disappointing.

At the begin of phase 17, van Garderen was 3rd area overall, 3:32 behind race leader Chris Froome (Sky) and just 22 seconds behind Movistar"s Nairo Quintana. BMC Racing looked set to protect a top-3 as a whole with the final stages in the Alps, and right into Paris.

Asked if this was the the majority of damaging day in his racing career to day, van Garderen said, “Yes, absolutely. To be fighting for a podium in the Tour de France and also then the next day you are sitting in a car, it was difficult. It was tough to look my teammates in the eyes, tough to contact my wife and describe to her what was going on. It was a lot of emovements. It practically feels choose I want to simply disappear appropriate currently.”

Testa confirms van Garderen has a respiratory infection

At the end up line in Pra-Loup, members of the press waited in the rain external for a statement from BMC Racing around van Garderen’s wellness. The team’s physician, Dr. Max Testa, arised from a team automobile and shown that van Garderen was experiencing from a respiratory infection.

“You experienced what happened, basically from the start he didn’t feel good, he was arising a headache and couldn’t press the pedals, and develop any kind of power,” Testa sassist.

“He has actually been fighting a respiratory infection since stage 13 and was able to control it for a couple of days. We were hoping via the remainder day he would have actually gone over the edge however I think this particular day it was exceptionally hard from the start and the tiredness from the previous days cost him the race. I didn’t watch this coming, I was hoping he was over the worse component. This morning he was feeling pretty great, not 100 per cent but upwards from the days prior to.

“Now, he is clearly shocked as he had to provide up the race so currently it’s even more a psychological thing, physically currently he is ok.”

Manager of BMC Racing, Jim Ochowicz, expressed his disappointment in shedding van Garderen while he was in third-place in its entirety so cshed to the end of the Tour de France. However before, he continued to be optimistic that his team would certainly uncover a method to reemphasis and also turn their missions toward stage wins for the staying 4 stages.

“It’s sport, it happens in every sport. We lost our GC competitor for the podium so that means we need to refocus tonight and also collection some brand-new objectives for tomorrow and the remainder of the Tour. Tbelow are still four substantial days of the Tour de France lying ahead of us. We are not going ameans, we are going to be picking for somepoint brand-new so we’ll carry on to Paris.”

Van Garderen, twice fifth in its entirety at the Tour de France, came into the race this year via clear ambitions to stand also on the podium. BMC had actually a winning start through Rohan Dennis in the opening time trial, and van Garderen moved into 3rd location all at once throughout phase 3 in Huy.

He relocated up into second all at once adhering to the team’s win in the team time trial on phase 9 in Plumelec butslipped earlier into third location all at once in the time of stage 14 to Mende. Regardless of wrestling via what he assumed was a cold, he felt confident that he can fight for a final podium place through the Alps.

“It’s a lot for anybody to take on their shoulders and he’s disappointed, he’d prefer to end up the Tour,” Ochowicz said. “The team functioned hard for him for 2 weeks now so he has actually the majority of push on his shoulders appropriate now, I know he’s feeling the pain however he’s a expert athlete and also he understands you win and also shed. He’ll bounce back create this.

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“I think we began the phase reasoning we’d be ok. Not knowing precisely what the case was, like a lot of civilization, I was just watching TV, I was struggling to uncover out what was going on. Phone reception wasn’t great so we weren’t able to have a lengthy conversation about anypoint, much less also try and also acquire a hold of someone.

"I feel poor for Tejay, I feel poor for the team. We’ve raced hard as much as this point. We start over aget tomorrow, 4 big days left in the Tour and also we still have goals to win a phase.”