In this wide wonderful civilization we live in today, woguys are stronger than ever before. We have actually power, wide range, careers and also above all respect. We combated for these legal rights - the appropriate to work, the appropriate to be functioning mothers, the appropriate to vote and also even more importantly, we battled together. We run this world and don’t ever before deny it, we develop life for God’s sake. (You have to feel really good about yourself best now)


Yes We Do

BUT and tright here is a funding BUT in this because… in all of our greatness and glory that womales have developed and continue to overcome, tright here is one thing that simply baffles me -why are womales hating on various other women? Wright here, what why, is this also a thing. I honestly don’t gain it.

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I am shook

After years of bullying and self hate I have actually grown some severe thick skin and also you deserve to say whatever you want to me and also I won’t flinch bereason I know that hating someone renders you ugly and also shows your own self worth, not mine. I perform yet have actually a trouble with womales hating womales. I don’t hate anyone -no I am not a saint or a freak, I have the wisdom to understand that grudges and hate is not good for your wellness. It can reason stress, weight get, wrinkles, jealousy, bitterness and also honestly, hate just makes you ugly. I live in a small town and reportedly there is not sufficient room for the amount of girls my age to live in harmony. Instead, we need to take part in what I have the right to only describe as ‘Bring it On’ meets ‘Median Girls’ movie cliche-like-habits. (I recognize pathetic)



No it’s really not

I don’t understand just how but I have actually been blessed with this reputation that I am not to be messed through so thanktotally, I am seldom based on this ludicrous behavior, however I still check out it. Womales are jealous creatures and plainly it has actually the potential to obtain the better of some. It deserve to manifest itself to the allude where hate is the only way to cure it.

Dramatic eye roll included

I have had my finest friends struck in nightclubs and beaten senselessly by other girls. I have actually seen my finest friend that has zero self confidence, be based on name calling, -‘fat’ ‘horseface’ ‘retarded’, by girls that I offered to play sport through. In the last year I have actually been overwhelmed by all this hate bereason of a tiny thing dubbed jealousy -jealous of boyfriends, jealous of looks, jealous of a body, jealous, jealous, jealous. It’s pathetic so I have actually something to say to all of you hate filled idiots.

Take note ladies

Dear woguys, you are not worthmuch less, you are not inferior to anyone and you are distinct. Why carry out you must make yourself ugly? Why do you call her fat? Why execute you say she is a slut? What is this going to add to your self worth? Do you feel better as soon as you spreview hate? Do you think it renders you a much better perboy to push a girl to the ground and also slap her across the face? Do you feel pretty once you and your friends beat a girl’s confront up?

Just to let you understand females, calling someone fat won’t make you thinner, calling someone a slut wont make you a much better perkid and spreading hate won’t execute you any kind of favours. Bitching around a person’s looks is not time well invested. Surrounding yourself with negativity makes you a victim not a hero. Hating on other womales is nothing to be proud of.

I have actually had my friends based on some pathetic episodes of girl on girl hate. You horrible womales you pick the weak because they are easy targets, just how dare you stoop that low. Don’t ever before think for one minute that you recognize what their life is choose. The girl you dubbed “fat” last night works her ass off to be a size 10. The girl you called a “wealthy b*tch” works damn hard because she doesn't ask her paleas for a penny and you can’t punish the girl that days the man you elaborate, it’s not her trouble.

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If you think punching her face or pulling out her hair will certainly make you a far better person you need psychological assistance bereason that is simply f*cking stupid. Empty hazards will get you nowright here so be the much better womale, and also walk away. Cut the bullshit and also speak hating on your own type.