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On this page of our Super Mario Odyssey Walkthrough, you will certainly discover all the indications to acquire the Purple Coins of the Sand also Kingdom. These collectibles will assist you to buy distinct points in the Crazy Cap Shop of the Sand also Kingdom.

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Location of the Sand also Kingdom Purple Coins:

Map of the Sand also Kingdom Purple Coins

Video of the Sand Kingdom Purple Coins:

Location of the Area n°01 Purple Coins:

As shortly as you arrive in the Sand Kingdom, go forward, and climb on the small sand slope to find 2 Purple Coins (picture1).


Location of the Area n°02 Purple Coins:

Continue to development by jumping on the sunshade located to the left of the entrance of the city. You will certainly find three new Purple Coins tright here (picture2).


Just after getting the coins on the sunshade, jump on the roof of the surrounding structure to uncover 6 Purple Coins (picture3).


Location of the Area n°04 Purple Coins:

Then, throw Cappy at the Spark Pylon, and also go to the right to reach a room wright here there are 3 even more Purple Coins (picture4).

Location of the Area n°05 Purple Coins:

These 3 Purple Coins are at the earlier of the structure that is located to the ideal of the city (picture5).

Location of the Area n°06 Purple Coins:

Go to the fountain situated in the centre of the tvery own to discover four new Purple Coins (picture6).

Location of the Area n°07 Purple Coins:

Then go to the earlier of the yellow and blue dome to obtain three more Purple Coins (picture7).

Climb on the roof of the home situated at the peak appropriate of the city. There you will uncover a mini-rocket (picture8). Throw Cappy at the rocket to reach a mystery zone. In this room, you’ll have actually five Purple Coins to take. The first one will be to the best of a house-shaped platcreate (picture9). The three other Purple Coins will be on the actions of a home, in the last area of this secret area (picture10).

Location of the Area n°09 Purple Coins:

Move to the ago of the main tower of the Sand also Kingdom. Above the Sphynx, you will certainly see three Purple Coins you will have to capture utilizing the wall-jump (picture11).

Location of the Area n°10 Purple Coins:

Go inside the Warp Pipe located at the foot of the tower. In this 2d section, drop into the tiny hole on the ground floor, and go to the ideal to reach four Purple Coins (picture12).

Location of the Area n°11 Purple Coins:

To the southern of the central tower of the Sand also Kingdom, there is a Warp Pipe. Go inside to find several Bill Blasters. Go all the means to the left of the area to easily discover the three Purple Coins you need (picture13).

Location of the Area n°12 Purple Coins:

Go to the entrance of the location, wright here tbelow are several Mini Goombas. Go to the left, and also you will certainly view a ledge on which you can discover 3 additional Purple Coins (picture14).

Drop into the quicksands to the right of the Area n°11. On the various other side of the hole, you will discover an enigma location (picture15). As soon as you arrive, go north to find 2 Purple Coins at the finish of a ice “bridge” (picture16). The following two coins are on the appropriate of the second Hat Trampoline of this location (picture17).

Location of the Area n°14 Purple Coins:

Go earlier to the Odyssey and head north to reach the entrance of the tvery own. On your ideal, you will see a Jaxi close to a bench (picture18). Talk to him, and offer him 30 Gold Coins to ride him. You will then have to go to the centre-eastern of the map. Four Purple Coins are waiting for you on a poiboy swamp (picture19).

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Location of the Area n°15 Purple Coins:

While you’re still on the back of the Jaxi, go inside the building located in the centre of the poison swamp, wbelow you discovered the Area n°14 Purple Coins (picture20). Inside, you will find eight even more Coins (pictures21to23).