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Experiments via Jojo – Abby, the veterinary intern, is functioning with Jojo, the moncrucial in the lab. But the experiment may not be completely what it appears.

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By Nats99.

Helpless – Ava undertakes a brand-new self-bondage obstacle in the woods. Only to finish up even more helpmuch less than she could have imagined.By Casuallycreated.

The Leopard Goddess’ Seduction – A scientist reads primitive folklore about a group of leopards, all-female, using humale males as breeding stock and also goes to investigate. By Michelle M.

The Cock Snake (Gay Themes) – A straightforward perversion leads to the Penis Snake.By Michelle M..

Little Momma gets the Swamp Eel – Witchy and I gain my tiny Mexihave the right to wife fucked up aobtain, and she fucks a swamp eel that really pleasures her.By mandawg.

The Chimpanzee Community – Preferring woguys over any guy, researching the primates was a organic way of living for me.By Michelle M.

Crashed in the Desert 1 – Some actresses on the means to film shoot crash in the Sahara.By One-red.

The Wolf Lady – People in tvery own, particularly the males, called her the wolf lady or the wolf’s bitch. Stories were told of seeing her late at night, running naked via the wolf pack.By Michelle M.

The Wolf Pack – Photographing a wolf fill, leads to joining them.By Michelle M.

The Cabin Makes Me A Wolf’s Bitch – A woman inherits a cabin in the woods and also gets a surpclimb.By Michelle M.

The Beachmaster – I wasn’t a scientist or a photographer, however for some reason, I still liked to come and also watch the elephant seals annually at their breeding swarm.By Unkown user.

Embracing My Inner Primate – I was relieving myself one morning when out of the blue, I felt an pet sniffing my rear. Before I might react, I was shoved forward onto all fours and also placed.By basic gurl.

Raped by Apes (Gay Zoo) – After a terrible storm a conservation worker becomes the sex toy for a troop of Bonobo’sBy doggyboy365.

Breed by an Elephant 1 Foremainder 1 (Excerpt) – A woguy is dropped off in the woodland by her husband as he got exhausted of just how she is acting as such she desires to have actually sex via whomever before or whatever before in her way.By Christy Horse.

Breed by an Elephant 1 (Excerpt) – A woman finds herself tied up in a dark room that appears to have no end or beginning she is naked and also knows what is about to take place.By Christy Horse.

Becoming the Elephants Wife 1: Part 2 (Excerpt) – We go back to the middle component of this story which has actually the the majority of sex-related component and intense component of the woguy as she is being made to be the elephant’s wife.By ACTJ.

Becoming the Elephants Wife 1: Part 3 (Excerpt) – This is the last component of the three-component story, as the primary character enjoys herself after being done by many type of elephants, and also steeds.By ACTJ.

Lady Trisha’s Invitation – A dominatrix has actually a brand-new thrill for her submissive this day.By rlcsub63.

A Mother’s New Love – Peter asks Ann to mind his distinct pet for a few days.By hounddog.

The Holiday Surpincrease – How a seemingly innocent massage has actually a crazy revolve and a snake makes an appearance.By Togarth.

The House of the Cat – A mom and also son go on holiday to the Caribbean and also reap a one-of-a-kind show.By houndddog.

Mother’s Happiness – A woguy gets assist from a gypsy so her canine husband also deserve to make her pregnant.By houndddog.

Tricia’s Big Vacation – Tricia gets some plastic surgical treatment done on a holiday and decides to do a distinct promotional video to say many thanks.By Anonymous.

Bear-ly Even a Hunter – A hunter finds a grizzly bear even more playful than he can ever imagine.By Azimuffin.

Neela and the Tiger – A tiger provides a womale to get revenge for exactly how poachers have actually treated it. By Jane Applestock.

Marie’s Big Sexactly how – A widowed womale discovers a method to make some money. By Anonymous.

Mother’s Fulfillment – Ann is a fifty-year-old mom that has a child Peter that is in his mid-thirties. They live together in a steamy jungle and have actually become like the pets via which they share their habitat. By Anonymous.

Survivors: Part 1 – A group has actually craburned their plane in the Canadian Rockies and come across somepoint very starray. Survivors Part 2By Sheela B.

Jade & Dulce Go Wild – A night time game drive sounds romantic, yet little bit carry out the sexy couple recognize that their overview is going to abandon them in the bush and at the mercy of a load of horny Hyena.By Kelly Addams.

The Hike – After the break up via her boyfrifinish, Lizza decided that the finest means to take her mind off him wregarding go on a two-day hiking pilgrimage in the valley close to her estate.By Blade.

Animals in Night – She rolbrought about her ago, suspecting he would certainly want to fuck her mouth as she sensed her satisfaction. By Whiff.

Lab Assistant – An erotic story of a woguy and also an ape.By PuppyLoverDawn.

The ZOOphile: The Zebra — Forced to infiltrate yet another bestiality ring—this one specializing in zoo animals—in exadjust for Inspector Cock reuniting her via the mother she thought dead for the past year, Barbie ended up having actually sex through a zebra.

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A Whale Of a Week – A marine biologist discovers she can’t gain enough of Moby’s dick.By Anon.

Killer Sex – Somepoint fishy is going on at Sea World!By Anon.

Seal Island also – Breeding season has actually passed, or so this lone scientist thought as she lay in the sunlight on a deserted beach, on Seal Island also. By Suemartin.

Love Conquers All – An unruly tiger is carried right into line by Dianna.By blackwolfx99.

A Deer Frifinish – This mother is so sexually frustrated that any type of cock will do, even a rutting Buck Deer’s.By Dragontail

Fuckin’ Jungle: Welinvolved the Jungle — Barbie finds herself stranded in the middle of the jungle. But loneliness is not a trouble when 2 horny chimpanzees shortly start complying with her.

The Trespasser – A womale trespasses onto private property only to be captured by a redneck identified to teach her a lesson.By Alpha_Woman.

Excerpt: Somepoint About Mary – Bob is in big trouble after Mary uncovered his porn stash. Maybe a expedition into the mountains will certainly aid.By Sheela B.

A Day at the Zoo – A women sets out for a day at the zoo, but it all goes horribly wrong.By anon.

The Breeding Unit – A teenager girl is captured and used as a reproduction vessel.By anon.

Her Life In Limbo – A volunteer at a wildlife park gets fucked in the elephant enclosure.By gartersnake.

Captured – A couple are kidnapped and also the wife is required to mate through a beastern.By Kangaroo08.

The Rural Life: Parts 1 – 7 – After moving right into a hobby farm in the Australian countryside, June starts to get to recognize the neighborhood animals incredibly suemartin

The Outback Wife – She’s stuck in the Australian Outback alone while her husband is ameans, and she feels ever before so alone.By kangaroo08

Zoo Keeper – Annie’s boss is a actual asshole making her execute the worst tasks at the zoo.By parker,

The Wildlife Park – After taking her teen son and his horny friends to an amusement park, Karen decides to have some alone time at the the regional Wildlife Park; while the boys enjoy the water park.By XFactorLocke.

The Awakening of Blair Fortner (Ape Girl) – The daughter of a renowned zoologist is sexually awakened and also ends up in deepest darkest Africa with her father to assist him research Gorilla’s.By anon.

The Dolphin Keeper – A womale has a hot encounter with a dolphin at the aquarium. By Vincent.

Goldie & The Bear’s – Whose bed is Goldie resting in? By Anon.

The Gray Wolf – A day trip to the hills goes astray.By Alex.

Our Afrideserve to Adventure – A as soon as in a lifetime trip to Africa is a dream come true as two friends try different animals.By Suemartin.

Susie’s Zoo Submission – Susie gets turned on by a masturbating silver-back gorilla she sees while visiting the regional zoo. by bilicious.

The Zoo keeper – Lucy the Zoo keeper discovers that her project has perks she never farmer Joe

The Gorilla – A zoo keeper gets an up close and individual experience with a bull gorilla.By Anon.

The Work Experience Girl – Next time leave your knickers on when your inside the baboon Lord John Thomas

A Hot Summer’s Night – A womale can’t sleep because of the heat and goes to cool off in a dam on the farm.By Sheela B.

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Hunting Party – This was a dire time for their civilization. Many kind of young hunters were dying in the deep woodland, and the valley her people settled was bearing much less and also much less food. Timeless sex duties had actually been abandoned for the practicality of survival, and also Tanika would be one the initially to help lead an unspecific future. By MagnusBane.