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Episode 39: Future Vision


But when Garnet pops in, hishabits instantly reverts to that of a little son. She protects him from fallingdvery own the stairs, then pokes his nose and also calls him a cutie pie, and also he revels in it.Even if he’s even more qualified in goals, his attitude at residence really hasn’tchanged a lot considering that Gem Glow. And even ifshe’s wrong to perform so, it provides feeling that Garnet conflates his domestichabits via his competence in the field.

Warp Tour and also TheTest contain 2 Garnet moments that administer crucial conmessage for Future Vision. In the previous, sheacknowledges Stalso as a fellow Crystal Gem and also apologizes for not trustinghim. In the last, speaking for all the Gems, she admits that she doesn’t understand Stalso and has no idea what she’s doing. With thesescenes, our perception of Garnet shifts from a nigh-omniscient protector to a newleader that’s still finding out the ropes. She’s still the baddest of badasses,yet we’re primed to notification her trying new points currently that we’ve taken a glimpseinto her assumed procedure.

Future Vision has Garnet reaching out choose never prior to.After Garnet’s Universe shown howlittle Steven knows about her, it’s time for her Seachild 1B arc to rev up: from nowuntil Jailbreak, Garnet’s story is about progressively revealing her truenature to Stalso, and also it’s just fair that she starts with the revelation of hersignature ability.


Garnet’s explanationof future vision evokes her explacountry of weapon summoning way earlier in Gem Glow, down to its comparable backgroundtrack. In both scenes, she explains a new idea by waxing metaphysical while wereduced to an innovative visual aid: in Gem Glow,it’s Steven’s head sinking right into four moving images of varying cosmicimportance, and also right here, it’s the circulation of water framed by Garnet’s shades on ababsence background. Aobtain, Future Visionfeels favor a brand-new beginning through Garnet.

If I’m talking a lot around theinitially act, it’s because the bulk of this episode is pretty simple: afterfinding out of his countless doomed potential futures, Stalso becomes crippled byfear and also indecision. It’s a heavy topic, lightened by cutesy vignettes ofdeath-as-becoming-a-skeleton (with aid from Estelle’s exaggerated narrationand also Aivi and Surasshu’s ragtime score). But the plot suffers from predictable “bemindful what you wish for” beats: Stalso initially has fun, then sees the downside,then learns a lesson. It’s a formula that StevenUniverse lives to subvert, making the structures of episodes choose Cat Fingers and also Future Vision feel rote by comparichild. Considering this episode isliterally around predicting the future, possibly this was intentional, but itnonethemuch less calls for a heaping helping of humor to aid the formula go down.

The jokes help for sure: bynow, Steven Universe is such awell-oiled laugh generator that it’s simpler than ever before to overlook an episode’sfregulations. On top of the great visuals like the abovementioned river analogy anddoom sequences, Future Vision’sbrilliant sound design heightens the humor: the bit plinks of Steven’s skeletoncollapsing, the drumming heartbeat when he tries to pick up a breadknife, the dramaticstrings after Garnet tells him not to go on the roof. But in regards to story itself,the middle act is nopoint to write house around.


Garnet’s retort is our firstmajor look with the cool facade she’s always preserved. It’s certainlycracked before (the majority of notably her freak-outs in So Many kind of Birthdays and also WarpTour), yet this is the first time she choosesto rerelocate her shades to look Steven in the eyes. She explains the stress and anxiety of herpower without changing the emphasis to herself, and also takes the blame despite goodintentions. In brief, she’s still a parent to Steven.

It’s not groundbreaking to note that Estelle is a terrific voice actor, yet it’s still a joy to hear hertalk this much at this allude in the present. We know by currently that she deserve to market thebig monologues and jokes (“I drink coffee for breakfast!”), however it’s the bit flourishes that really acquire me,prefer muttering “yeah” to herself after predicting a poor sunburn.

Still, in retrospect, herfinest line is the firm yet fragile “Pleaseunderstand,” not just for Estelle’s shipment, but bereason this is the initially instance of the loaded expression. Garnet will use it aobtain at the conclusion of the Week of Sardonyx when she allows her guard down aget to repair her relationship withPearl. But not before Rose Quartz, via Pearl’s Rose’s Scabbard flashearlier, offers it to describe theimplications of fighting Homehuman being. When Garnet really needs to reach someone,she still emulates Rose.

The Gems still should take Steven even more seriously, however FutureVision grants them some sabsence. Garnet provides Stalso the respect that he wants by entrusting him through hefty information, and he still drops it a few times prior to picking it up. And for all his development, he still demands her to block the lightning every now and then. It’s an elegant reversal of The Test, via arainstorm at the conclusion rather than the oncollection, and a reminder that forevery one of Garnet’s self-doubt as soon as it pertains to raising Steven, she’s one hell of a mom.

Future Vision!

Future Visiongets a brilliant companion episode in Pool Hopping. Both function Steven and also Garnet spending a day together and exploring a facet of future vision, which belies the actual story about Garnet finding out to accept Steven’s growth. Both function coffee being spilled in the Big Donut and also a dramatic climax in the rain. Over a hundred episodes pass between the two, and also I love that this excessive distance doesn’t speak the crew from drawing on the past in such certain methods.Steven’s skeleton fantasies return in Steven Floats.An entire jar of mayonnaise will certainly plop out aacquire in Steven vs. Amethyst. Our very last episode, The Future, sees Steven repeat the exercise sequence as soon as aobtain, finish with the stereo gaining smamelted.

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If you analyze Cookie Cat an allegory for Rose, his fellow pink-centered room refugee that left a family members behind, andyou interpret Rose’s backstory as proof that she’s not nuanced but“evil,” then I intend Steven’s fantasy encounter through a violent Cookie Cat is foreshadowing?

We’re the one, we’re the ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!

Terrific irreversible interaction between Garnet and Steven and excellent humor aid atone for Future Vision’s by-the-book plot framework. It just makes the Top Ten, but I predict it isn’t going to continue to be there lengthy ifOn the Runhas actually anypoint to say around it.