Stalso Seagal: 10 Hilariously Badass Things That Can Only Happen In His Movies Steven Seagal was the poster child for activity movies in the 90s. Let"s take a expedition down memory lane and also check out his most hilarious badass movie moments.

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In the 90s, Stalso Seagal was one of the a lot of well-known action stars in Hollylumber. Due to the fact that the 2000s, he has actually come to be the king of direct-to-video releases. In 2016 for instance, he released a whopping 6 direct-to-video activity movies. Clearly, his occupational ethic cannot be doubted.

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Before venturing right into Hollylumber, Seagal was a martial arts instructor, specializing in the Japanese approach recognized as aikiexecute. It"s hence not surpincreasing that tbelow are commonly plenty of badass moments in his movies. However before, more regularly than not, things tend to go overboard. Here are some hilariously badass points that most likely only take place in Stalso Seagal movies.

In his movies, Seagal is never simply a tough male that knows exactly how to fight. He normally has actually numerous various other skills that require plenty of time and effort to grasp. You can"t assist however wonder where he obtained the moment to perfect them all. For example, in The Patriot, he"s the world"s ideal immunologist that additionally happens to be an ex-CIA agent and also weapons experienced.

In On Deadly Ground, he"s an environmental activist, an ex-CIA agent, a firefighter, an oil rig worker, and an explosives professional all rolled into one. And in Under Siege—which was actually an extremely good 90s action movie—he"s a chef, a restaurateur, and also ex-Navy seal. It"s noticeable that the just factor for making him a chef was so he can usage knives as tools.

9 He Sliced Someone"s Throat With A Crmodify Card

Stalso Seagal usually survives just fine without weapons because he is so excellent through his hands and feet. He"s a real-life martial artist after all. And whenever before a weapon is doing not have and he doesn"t feel prefer making use of his hands, he does understand just how to improvise.

In The Glimmer Man, wright here he starred with Keenen Ivory Wayans, Seagal sliced someone"s throat with a crmodify card. It have to have actually been a really sharp one. Seagal has actually also stabbed someone with a broken plate among various other things. Bruce Willis might never be that artistic. Or could he?

One remarkable thing about Steven Seagal"s fight scenes is that the enemy"s punches and kicks hardly ever land on his body. His arms are the perfect shield. They commonly manage to respond to all the strikes. It"s a surpincrease that he hasn"t been made right into a Mortal Kombat character yet.

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And despite how deadly the villain or henchguy is, Seagal tends to fight favor he"s not also trying. He handles fights so passively you"d think he"s simply shopping in a keep. Usually, action heroes tend to obtain a beating before they recover and arise victoriously. For Seagal, he"s constantly leading from begin to end up.

7 Coma? No Problem

Stalso Seagal in Hard To Kill
Medical professionals can confirm this however we imagine that a perchild that has actually just woken up from a prolonged coma would be pretty weak. They"d need weeks or also months before being able to function at their complete capacity aget. A couple of world who woke up from comas additionally confirmed this to the Daily Mail a while earlier.

In Hard To Kill, Seagal plays a police officer named Makid Storm that slips into a coma after a shootout that leaves his wife dead. After waking up seven years later, he spends a few days recuperating and also then he goes on a revenge mission where he beats up everyone as usual. Neither his toughness nor his skills have actually diminished. If that isn"t badass, we don"t recognize what is.

To make him appear as more intimidating, eincredibly Steven Seagal character generally blends right into the shadows at some point. In a vital fight scene, you can not view his face at initially. Then it"s presented just as soon as he is about to break the negative guy"s bones.

Before he shows up out of the shadows, you have the right to constantly guess what the bad guy is thinking: "Oh my God. He"s coming. Should I run? Let me simply take my possibilities. God assist me." In Against The Dark, Seagal is covered in shadows for most of the film.

5 The Bicycle Kick

The bicycle kick is famous in soccer. It commonly entails a player throwing their body in the wair then connecting through the round prior to it touches the ground. Now imagine this in a fight scene. It wouldn"t look so realistic, would it? Steven Seagal pulled it off in 2001"s Exit Wounds, and also it became among his cheesiest movie moments ever.

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It all happens once he confronts a gang of robbers attempting to break into his truck. He proceeds to beat them all up pretty easily however once among them points a gun to his head, it appears favor the finish of the road for good ol" Steve. The thug pulls the trigger, but surprisingly, Seagal dodges the bullet by sindicate pulling his head ago. He then throws his body in the air and delivers a bicycle kick to his confront. Wow! Note to criminals: Do not attempt to rob Stalso Seagal.

Even in the action-filled 80s and also 90s movies starring the likes of Stallone and also Schwarzenneger, the heroes never before really dealt with unmuch less tright here was a good factor to. However, in Steven Seagal movies, fighting is normally the just way to solve all conflicts. Didn"t he ever before listen to that Kenny Rogers song?

Take Fire Dvery own Below for instance where Seagal is Jack Taggart, a carpenter, and also environmental protection officer (view the irony?). Seagal"s character goes on a mission to stop a factory from dumping waste illegally. Typically, eco-friendly control agencies close such service providers down, fine them or sue them. They don"t send equipped agents to beat up the bosses, carry out they?

3 Taking Out Bad Guys In Their Own Countries

Stalso Seagal enjoys beating up non-Americans and also non-Russians. He"s a citizen of both nations after all. And he usually decimates them in their very own country, where they"d logically have an benefit. In Into The Sun, he was a CIA agent (ain"t that familiar?) that checked out Japan and almost made the infamed Yakuza extinct by killing virtually all its members.

In Out Of Reach, he made the Polish government realize that maybe they should just employ him and fire the whole police force. In the movie, Seagal single-handedly took dvery own Polish criminals who were operating a human-trafficking ring.

In somepoint comparable to Marlon Brando in The Godfather, Seagal prefers whispering in his movies rather of raising his voice. And he does so through an accent whose origins are tough to trace. This sure does make him look more badass than everyone else in the movie.

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To those who hate Stallone"s continuous shouting, Stalso Seagal is a worthy different. He"ll say it when. If you don"t acquire it, he"ll remind you through a kick. Give the guy an honorary Osauto already. Acting the way he does take most ability we presume.

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1 Law Breaking Cop With No Consequences

Stalso Seagal has played law enforcement policemans in plenty of movies. In the majority of of them, he goes on a law-breaking spree in order to get to the group of criminals he"s searching. And the criminals constantly finish up dead instead of in jail. Judge, jury, and executioner? We acquire it. But why doesn"t he suffer any type of legal or skilled consequences?

In Kill Switch, for example, he strikes over 100 world during his hunt for a serial killer recognized as Lazerus. Some of the beatings absence justification. And it"s surprising that none sues him. It certain does make him appear badass however you need to wonder about the logic of it all.