Unfavor Captain America: Civil War, Doctor Starray is somepoint of a standalone film. You don't need to have watched a half-dozen various other Marvel movies to acquire your head about the movie; you don't must be acquainted through the ins and also outs of Marvel continuity in order to make feeling of whatever. But the lack of overt continuity nods is already bring about a lot of heated dispute among fans; once is the film set? How does it fit in the larger MCU timeline?

We gained our first cite of Stephen Stvariety back in 2014's Captain America: Winter Soldier, as soon as Hydra identified him as a possible risk. Fans were fascinated. Did that mean Stephen Stselection was currently Sorcerer Supreme? In the accumulation to Doctor Strange's release, Marvel visionary Kevin Feige explained that certain Easter egg:

"He is very well-known as a surgeon. He has actually gained assorted awards and plaques you're going to watch over there; he attends various galas, could be driving at one suggest in this movie. He has actually name recognition and a talent and specific Hydra computers established him as somebody that can reason trouble for their agendas."

The film opens up with Stephen Strange as an award-winning neurosurgeon, a consultant who takes on the a lot of prestigious instances and also has developed an worldwide reputation for his genius. He's ruthlessly ambitious, only accepting situations that are of worth to his career and also obstacle his intelligence. That sassist, Strange's ambition is tempered through a level of wisdom; he's smart enough to recognize once even he can't take care of a instance, and as an outcome, has actually a miraculously unblemished document.

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He knows exactly how good he is.

All this suggests Stephen Strange's career entails international lectures on his revolutionary steps. He has actually a worldwide reputation, and clinical practitioners all over the world hang on his eincredibly word. Should he decide to oppose Hydra, he'd be an effective voice versus their dominance. No wonder Hydra considered him a danger, also ago when he was just a neurosurgeon!

So When is the Film Set?


A damaged guy.

So we begin off with the particular expertise that Stephen Stselection was an active neurosurgeon back in 2014 — and not a Master of the Mystic Arts. Now let's revolve to the movie itself; when is it set?

Naturally, the movie's opening sequence kicks off through some of Stephen Strange's situations, developing his skill as a surgeon. We're provided brief glimpses of the awards on his wall - and also, significantly, some of these are dated 2016. We can immediately say that the mass of the film is collection this year.


Can he find a healer?

Just before Strange's auto accident, he gets a phone contact mentioning possible instances. One that he rejects is significant:

"I've acquired a 35 year old Naval Colonel, crumelted his lower spine in some kind of speculative armor."

At initially glance, this is a nod to Captain America: Civil War - however it turns out that's not the situation. Director Scott Derickkid told Digital Spy:

"That's not War Machine, actually. It sounds choose it. And maybe in some other iteration we were also thinking it can be."

Is it feasible that Justin Hammer is still exploring via the Iron-Man-esque armors we saw in Iron Man 2? Whatever the case might be, we're still left with background imeras in the film establishing the accident as happening in 2016. This likewise fits through the main tie-in comics, which insurance claim to be set in the "Present out Day".

How Long Is Strange's Training?


An picture from a tie-in comic.

Aacquire, director Scott Derickkid provides us an indication of exactly how a lot time passes during the film. He explained:

"The movie leads approximately the present day, you recognize, and also if you watch the timeline of the movie, from the moment as soon as Starray is blvery own through the Sanctum in the middle of the movie, the rest of the movie runs in actual time."

The villain of the item.

So, according to Scott Derickkid, Doctor Stselection concludes in beforehand November 2016. Some fans are frustrated at this; they understandably feel the time-period (a 2016 start, and also a November 2016 end) is too brief for Stselection to shed his fortune, discover Kamar-Taj, and be trained by the Ancient One.

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In defence of that timescale, the film notes that Stephen Stvariety wouldn't have actually taken long to blow his money - the movie's dialogue says that he generally invested money as quickly as he made it. He might have been making a fortune, yet he was likewise spfinishing a fortune, and didn't have much collection aside for the type of clinical operations he underwent. As regards Kamar-Taj, Strange's very own prodigious memory ensured he learned at a exceptional price - again, the film states as a lot. You can add a feasible 'No-Prize' by suggesting that, because of spells from the Publication of Cagliostro, perhaps time in Kamar-Taj doesn't circulation at the same rate as in the actual civilization. It's awkward, and slightly uncomfortable, but it's a feasible 'twist' to the tale.

Pulling all this together, we deserve to be pretty confident that Stephen Starray has actually his auto accident at the finish of April this year. What we don't really recognize, though, is exactly how a lot time passes throughout the remainder of the film; exactly how many months does Starray spfinish trying to find a means to regain use of his hands? How many type of months is he in Kamar-Taj? These inquiries are wide open up, and will certainly reprimary so until we acquire additionally tie-ins. It's completely possible we won't learn the answers to those questions till the release of Thor: Ragnarok. Still, at leastern we have some kind of principle exactly how the movie fits in through the bigger MCU — all bereason of a couple of details in the film!