Few would describe 2016 as “fine.” And yet, Stephen Colbert desires you to at leastern take into consideration that notion, for your own mental health and wellness. That’s why he and erstwhile R.E.M. frontperboy Michael Stipe required to the microphone stands on last night’s Late Show in order to sing a modified version of the band’s 1987 cult hit “It’s the End of the World As We Kcurrently It (and also I Feel Fine)” through lyrics around our virtually finished annus horribilis. Poor Michael can only barely muster the excellent cheer to play along. James Franco made a brief appearance alongside them, also, and also though YouTube’s auto-produced closed captioning is rather horrible, Colbert is remarkably good at enunciating, so you won’t miss out on him relocation “Leonard Bernstein” via “Leonard Cohen passed away.”

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