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» Wed Dec 07, 2011 5:13 pm

Name: Spice of Life - VarietyVersion: 0.7Category: Models and also TexturesAuthor: NiveaFile: http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=44476==========Warning==========This mod is currently a open beta release, this implies tbelow may be problems that pop up in your game. I truly doubt anything game breaking might occur while utilizing it, but that sassist I felt the should toss up a warning.If you occur to find a issue/overpowered/unbalanced item please do write-up it either in the thcheck out or through PM so I may solve it up, that is after all why it is still a beta.==========Description==========I was always put off by the reality that 90% of the population seemed to wear the specific same armor/apparel with the specific same hat as everyone else, the finish of the people may have happened but that does not suppose everyone discovered and also wears the specific exact same item of clothing.This mod aims to attempt and lessen this worry by adding more clothing/armor array right into the wasteland via the usage of level lists.This mod includes:Backpacks: 11Gloves: 21Headgear: 55Armors/Clothing: 30Poncho: 7==========Requirements==========Fallout New Vegas Most Recent PatchDiversified Mojave Wasteland: http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=42007Robert Male Body: Any Type3/Type6 Female Body: Wrye Flash NV (for a baburned patch I use this one): http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=35003orFNVEdit (for a linked patch): http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=34703Pipboy Readius: http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=36646==========Installation==========Extract all records to your data folder.If you are asked to overwrite files under meshes and also textures, pick "yes to all".Turn on the .espCreate a Bamelted Patch and/or a Merged Patch.If you are using a game already in progression go inside and also wait 4 days.==========FAQ==========Q. Will this occupational via Breeze/Vanilla bodies, if not then make it work?!A. No it will not occupational via either best now, and if I have time I will think about it however I use Robert and Type3 this mod was made for me initially and also I am being nice sufficient to share.Q. What about form 6?A. Yes it will work-related through kind 6 bereason they usage the exact same textures.Q. Does this occupational through the pipboy?A. Some armors do some carry out not, probably later it will certainly but I perform not have actually the moment atm.Q. Hey is that a texture from FO3!? Thats entirely illegal I am gonna rotate you in now.A. You mean the jean texture? Yes I already spoke to a moderator around that, its far sufficient from the original texture for me to incorporate it in this mod. If you expect a various texture let me understand I might own FO3 but I have not played it exceptionally far prefer I have actually in NV I may have missed something.Q. Wbelow can I find all the items, I do not desire to take time to look for them in civilization.A. Since this is a Beta all items are in boxes in the earlier of a truck in Goodsprings (view screenshot), as soon as Beta is over it will not be tright here anymore.Q. Will this work with mods favor Fook and Project Nevada?A. It must work with mods that edit the level lists just put the mod you desire to occupational a lot of after the other one. As for Project Nevada I would certainly choose to make a compatibility patch to manipulate it, however I do not understand just how.Q. Why do the gloves clip or have actually a gap?A. Since that is how they come in vanilla, I tried to usage the gloves that would perform that as bit as feasible.Q. Why do I need Wrye Flash NV or FNVEdit? And what is a Bamelted Patch or Merged Patch? How carry out I usage those programs?A. Due to the fact that the mod Diversified Mojave Wasteland also edits the level lists you will need among those patches to make it work-related better through various other mods that edit the level lists. I will certainly not walk you via exactly how to usage those programs they have their own threads and readmes to assist you.Q. Namong the armors are arriving in my level lists.A Well either you didn"t make a Bashed/Merged Patch, or you should wait inside for 4 days so the level lists might reset... that or you execute not have actually the compelled plugins to make this occupational.Q. Why the heck is a male wearing this stupid bonnet hat!?A. That is somepoint you should take up via the diversified Mojave Wasteland also author. I imply you ask them to remove it from the level lists.Q. Where deserve to I discover the Zombieland also outfit or its not getting here at the store.A. It is the just thing in this mod you deserve to NOT discover in the people level lists, you can buy it in Chet"s save and also perhaps other stores as well if your lucky. Why it is not getting here I have no principle, occasionally it mirrors up other times it does not..Q. Why do the female armor not present large amounts of skin and boobs, that is just all wrong.A. Because I wanted to keep it realistic, and also in truth less armor does not equal even more defense plus if I made female skimpy stuff I would certainly pressure you to use male skimpy stuff... Because I choose guys even more.Q. Do the boobs bounce?A. Nope.Q. I saw some face masks in your WIP pics why are they not in game?A. Permission was presently denied.Q. Will you make this for FO3?A. That is tough to say right now, this mod uses a ton of NV assets I would certainly have to rerelocate them and edit everything... we will certainly check out.==========Future:==========1. Make much better ground meshes.2. Make breeze and also form 6 alternatives.3. Make more armors.4. Better symbols.==========History==========0.5 - Closed Beta0.6 - closed Beta0.7 - Open Beta Release==========Known Bugs & Issues:==========You WILL have actually issues with skin textures if you do not use Robert Male Body or a Type 3 Female Body, that is no fault of mine if you execute not usage them.Ground meshes will certainly most most likely not complement up to the items, I hope to deal with that soon. But all items DO have a ground mesh atm.==========CREDITS & PERMISSIONS==========Please inspect the inclosed Spice of Life Variety Credits Readme.txt for the long list of authors, it is a lengthy list!==========Licensing/Legal==========This mod is presently a Beta, as such I ask that no parts of this mod are used without my permission.

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Many of the items are not my own making (however I have edited) and also permission for those will certainly be openly provided, yet you have to contact me to be certain they are cost-free usage.This likewise indicates no .esp edits or body conversions, and various other modding sites and communities.Also placing my name in credits is not the exact same as getting permission.If I uncover this mod is stolen in anymethod I have no worry pulling it for excellent and that will be the end of my modding for the Fallout Series. I am worn down of human being taking my items and then informing me off when I challenge them, accidents occur however you don"t need to be rude to me about your mistake.I thank you all for respecting my wishes and also bearing with me till the end of the Beta, I will then rethink my pergoals.==========Contact==========You deserve to discover me on many type of different forums, all under the very same name Nivea I examine all my mail often.Official oblivion forum: http://www.slrfc.org/absorbs/index.php?show user=66980Nexus: http://www.newvegasnexus.com/modules/members/index.php?id=55918==========sincedepend,Nivea