Yi 4K video camera was announced as “GoPro killer.” Due to the fact that then, they have actually issued a brand-new and boosted variation, Yi 4K+, which is an additional version threatening to shadow GoPro with its price-quality proportion. YouTuber iPhonedo has released a video clip where he compared this action video camera via its 2 rivals: GoPro Hero 5 Babsence and Sony FDR X3000. He attached all three of them side by side and went out for a pair of test shots. Let’s take a look which one has actually the best performance in different categories choose photo top quality, stabilization, battery life and more.

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The first point to notice is that the cover of the USB-C port keeps opening up by itself, which is fairly annoying.I don’t understand if he had actually bad luck and also obtained the video camera through this problem, or they are all favor this. But if any type of of you had the very same trouble, you have the right to let us recognize in the comments so we can be certain.But other than the physical attributes (or better to say annoyances), iPhoneexecute tested the electronic camera in the field, comparing it to GoPro and also Sony. Here are the impressions:

Image quality

When you zoom in the imperiods to 200, 400 and 800, it appears that Sony FDR X3000 is the winner and contains the greater amount of details. Here are the screenshots so you deserve to check out for yourself:

Highlight clipping

According to the Luma Wavecreate, Yi 4K+ and also GoPro Hero 5 clip on highlights, which could offer you worries in modifying. When you set Yi 4K+ to Flat, GoPro to Protune and Sony to Natural mode, Sony stills appears to be providing the ideal results in both highlights and also shadows.


GoPro Hero 5 Black doesn’t have digital picture stabilization, so using it without a gimbal once you’re in movement is most likely usemuch less. Yi 4K+ does a far better project, yet Sony still takes the lead.In bbest sunlight, it’s difficult to see the display screen of the video camera. According to the video, it appears Sony and also GoPro’s displays are simpler to view (even via the sunglasses), while Yi’s display is nearly difficult to view.


iPhonedo jokes that via Yi4K+ “you get what you phelp for” (reduced video quality), through Sony “you get what you expect” (normal audio quality), while with GoPro “you acquire what you deserve.” In other words, the audio on GoPro is pretty bad, as you deserve to most likely hear in the video.

Battery life

From full to dead battery, Yi loses the fight and dies initially. After it shuts dvery own, GoPro and Sony still have actually some battery left.


Yi 4K+ has three sharpness settings: low, medium and also high. It’s a advantageous feature if you don’t want to edit the sharpness in post-processing. Here you deserve to check out the sharpness distinctions at the photo zoomed to 400%:


Finally, iPhonecarry out tests the Yi application. I can’t tell myself, as I’ve never before provided it. But according to our reviewer here, the app’s pretty great. It looks a lot prefer various other smartphone apps, and also doesn’t lack anything.So, after seeing all this, it’s apparent that Yi really takes the lead and beats GoPro in some categories, however Sony actually outperforms both in some instances. After this review, I would certainly more than likely go for the Sony. What about you? Do you have actually any kind of of these camages and also what are your impressions? Share them in the comments listed below.

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