South Oriental Actress and Miss Korea, Son Tae-Young

Son Tae-young is a South Oriental artist that participated in the Miss International election, which offered her a begin in her acting career. Since then, she has actually taken on many type of duties and also as a sustaining actress and artist in assorted movies and TV series.

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She was born in Daegu, South Korea, and also is a South Korean national with the birth name Son Tae-young. Her sister, called Son Hye-im, was additionally a Miss Korea and also she enthusiastically motivated Tae-young to follow in her footmeasures and become Miss Daegu, Miss Korea, and end up being a runner-up at the Miss International election event.

Tae-young is married to an actor named Kwon Sang-woo. The couple has a kid named Ruk-hee, born in 2009, and also a daughter named Riho. that was born in 2015.

The actress was part of the Miss Internationwide event in 2000, in which she was initially runner-up. This led the way for her to start her a career as an artist and also resulted in her being given sustaining roles in a variety of television mirrors and movies.

In 2008, she was married Kwon Sang-woo, one more actor, and they quickly began their family members. She remained house for 4 years in Rookie life, however went back to acting in 2013 showing a various side of herself on array mirrors, including as the host on the show A Fashion Show.

Son Tae-Young’s Profile

Name Son Tae-Young ( 손태영 )
BornAugust 19, 1980 (age 38)Daegu, South Korea>
EducationSangmyung University – Major in Dance
Years Active 2000 – Present
AgentH8 Company
Spouse(s)Kwon Sang-woo (m. 2008)

Tune Tae-Young’s Career


As Miss Daegu, Son Tae-young inserted second runner-up (or 3rd place) at the Miss Korea pageant in 2000. Next off, she was the country’s representative at the 2000 Miss Internationwide pageant, wright here she won first runner-up and also Miss Photogenic. She later turned to acting, showing up in the movies Sad Movie (2005), the critically acdeclared The Railroad (2007), and also Crazy Waiting (2008). Son is more prolific in television, with starring and supporting duties in dramas such as One Million Roses (2003), Two Wives (2009), You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin (2013), and Into the Flames (2014).

 In 2014, Son played the duty of a wife through a cheating husband also in the Chinese romantic comedy film Love War, oppowebsite Hu Bing and Winston Chao.

Known for her sense of style, she has additionally hosted a number of beauty and fashion programs, among them Son Tae-young’s Life Magazine (2008), Actress House – Seachild 2 (2011, and also Son Tae-young’s W Show! (2013).

Son Tae-Young’s Personal Life


Before she met her husband, she dated songwriter Joo Young-Hoon, actors Shin Hyun-Joon and also Yoon Tae-Young, singer Tim and music video director Cool-K.

Son Tae-Young married actor Kwon Sang-woo at the Shilla Hotel on September 28, 2008. On February 6, 2009, she offered birth to a son, christened as Luke (nicknamed Rookie). Their second kid, a daughter, was born on January 10, 2015.

Son Tae-Young’s Boyfriend


Before marrying her husband, Kwon Sang-Woo, Son Tae-Young was well-known to have had actually affairs via numerous males. This is the guy that asserted the heart of the young actress Son Tae-Young

Shin Hyun-Joon


In 2001, Son Tae-young made headlines once she began dating actor Shin Hyun-Joon shortly after her separation with songwriter Joo Young-Hoon. When their relationship came to be known to the public, it was called a “love triangle”, which brought about some scandal at the moment.

In spite of the fact that the couple were rumored to be considering marriage, the partnership ended.



She was in the spotlight again in 2006, once she was viewed looking cozy with music video director Cool-K. She was open in expushing her feelings after they broke up, speaking at an event in 2007, and also sassist that she was destined to be alone.

Son Tae-Young’s Husband


Finally, she met her future husband also, actor Kwon Sang-Woo, and also they were married on September 28,2008 at the Shilla hotel.

Son Tae-Young’s Married Life


Son Tae-Young showed up as a one-of-a-kind guest on the October 29 broadactors of SBS “My Ugly Duckling.” At the event, she answered concerns around her life as the mother of two kids and as the wife of actor Kwon Sang-Woo. MC Shin Dong-Yup pelevated Kwon Sang-Woo for being a loyal husband also and also perboy after marriage. Son Tae-Young commented, “Initially, I really liked being home. But now that we have actually been married for 10 years, I say it’s okay to eat out and also also tell him to work a lot in China.” She also connected that Kwon Sang-Woo aided more after the birth of their second kid.

When asked if they frequently quarreled, Son Tae-Young responded, “We don’t fight often. I think we have significant fights eexceptionally two years.” She mutual the story behind one of their big fights when she went back home from an overseas photoshoot. She had actually sent out a message to her husband that she felt sick prior to going residence, but Kwon Sang-Woo had actually planned a golf pilgrimage through his friends.

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Son Tae-Young continued, “I didn’t respond to the text message, so he asked if he should soptimal by the home and also leave again. Now that I’m old, I realize that excellent looks aren’t that essential. I desire a husband also that have the right to help me so much. ”

She likewise talked about just how her husband behaved once she raved after a fight. Son Tae-Young revealed that Kwon Sang-Woo would reprimary silent or say “I love you” to end their fight.

Son Tae-Young also revealed that her eldest boy was so proud of his father as soon as he saw fans asking him to sign autographs. Son Tae-Young included, “My child looked at him proudly prefer a mother who experienced his son. Kwon Sang-Woo is additionally happy because his kid is proud of him. ”

Son Tae-Young’s Filmography


Television series

2001Pure HeartCha Da-hyeKBS2
2002RememberShin Ji-eunMBC
2003One Million RosesPark Hye-ranKBS2
2004Banjun Drama “Romance Solver”SBS
Banjun Drama “Cute Hostage”SBS
2005Marrying a MillionaireJung Soo-minSBS
2006Yeon GaesomunHong Bol-hwaSBS
2007I Am SamShin So-yiKBS2
2008Drama City “Love Hunt, Thirty Minus Three”Yi-kyungKBS2
IljimaeLee YeonSBS
2009Two WivesHan Ji-sookSBS
2013Queen of Ambitionroom salon customer(cameo, episode 2)SBS
You Are the Best!Lee Hye-shinKBS2
2014Into the FlamesKumikoTV Chosun
2016The K2Uhm Hye-rintvN
2017You Are Too MuchHong Yoon-heeMBC


2003My Daddycameoshort film
2004Ghold HouseSoo-kyung
2005Sad MovieChoi Suk-hyun
20063 Colors Love StoryYoo-misegment: “I Can Hear the Memory”
2007The RailroadLee Han-na
2008Crazy WaitingKim Hyo-jung
2014Love War

Variety shows

2001Movies and also PopcornKBS2
Section TVMBC
Inkigayo (Popular Music)SBS
2008Son Tae-young’s Life MagazineDong-A TV
2011-2012Actress House – Seaboy 2Fashion N
2011Entertainment InsideChannel A
K-PopConChannel A
2013Son Tae-young’s W Show!KBS W

Music videos

YearTrack TitleArtist
2002La La LaLee Soo-young
2003Since I’m a GirlKiss
2005추억은 시간이 지운다Youme
2008Always with MeRevi


YearAwardCategoryNominated workResult
20004fourth Miss Korea Pageantsecond Runner-up (Miss Internationwide Korea)N/AWon
40th Miss Internationwide Pageant1st Runner-upN/AWon
Miss PhotogenicN/AWon
2003KBS Drama AwardsPopularity AwardOne Million RosesWon