I newly realized that someone cut my hair as soon as I was resting. A chunk out of the earlier. My question is why? I have actually no concept why. Plenty of civilization had possibility yet what would certainly the inspiration be? Any concepts would certainly be appreciated. There are no wrong answers


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Maybe you gained drunk and your boyfriend was disappointed. Maybe it pumelted him toward a red head that just turned sixteen (also though her whole family forgot her birthday). At the party (wright here you got drunk) you drunk challenged him, and he closed the door on you in disgust. What he didn't realize was he closed the door on your hair. You waited tbelow until your finest friend drunk wandered down the hallmeans. She helped you by making use of the biggest scissors ever before manufactured, to reduced off your hair and complimentary you from the door jam. The next day you end up making out with a nerd in a rolls in a Church parking lot, and also Jake and you break up.

It was your ideal frifinish, with exceptionally large scissors

I wish that was actually valuable. My guess is that my ex boyfriends ex girlfriend cut it off while I was resting.

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