It was incredibly unfortunate that I didn’t come for our film viewing class on the day that Mr. Rey confirmed Singing In The Rain. As he was going via the movie a week after, I knew that I had actually to watch it for myself at home bereason this was the only musical that we’ll be watching in class; and also I LOVE MUSICALS! I certainly perform. Apart from that, the clips of musical numbers that he showed us were spectacular and also I was extremely a lot impressed through it. I was intrigued of the story behind the amazingly choreographed musical performances so I really did desire to watch the movie for myself.

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Singing In The Rain would most likely be the finest musical I’ve checked out in my life and also considered by most other civilization to be among the ideal Hollytimber musicals of all time. Watching this movie is prefer a breathe of fresh air because it just makes you smile throughout the whole film; no worries, no depressing scenes. Singing In The Rain was additionally created in the time of the elevation of the movie musical era and also so it was actually a huge hit in the time of the 1950’s. Singing in the Rain takes us ago to the late 1920s, as soon as the film industry was abandoning silent films in favor of talkies. The movie is composed of stars such as Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor and also Debbie Reynolds.

As I said previously, I’m indeed a fan of musicals; from old to recent ones. I couldn’t assist however to notice the astronomical distinction of both. It is extremely a lot various on the story, the choreography, settings and also even the prestige of costumes. The musicals that was released during my time were High School Musical, Mamma Mia, Burlesque, Moulin Rouge!, Chicago and so on Though I extremely much love these movies and also they in fact made me a huge fan of musicals, I still can’t aid however to compare the high quality of the musicals back then prefer Singing In The Rain and Sound of Music. Every musical performance in Singing In The Rain lugged made a vital component in the entirety film. I truly appreciated ALL the musical numbers in this film however of course I still have some favorites; numbers choose “Fit As A Fiddle (and also all set for love”), “All I Do Is Dream Of You the Whole Night Through” and “Mosses Supposes”.

“Fit as a Fiddle (and all set for love)” is the initially musical number in the film that we saw Gene Kelly and also Donald O’Connor together. I loved this musical number and also that’s largely why I’m placing it as among my favorites. This was a musical number shared between long-time ideal friends Don Locklumber and Cosmo Brvery own as a component of their background in entertaining together. This song basically verified more of their immaturity as they’ve done this performance as soon as they were still rather young. They were dancing while playing the violin, in which I believed was done brilliantly. I was smiling throughout the entirety time I was watching this part of the movie and also was extremely thrilled via the good choreography. This component of the film was incredibly a lot essential to complete the plot because this confirmed the audience the companionship of Don Lockood and Cosmo Brown. How they’ve been together during the battles that they confronted even before stardom. At this scene, Don Locklumber was telling the interviewer how Cosmo and him have actually known each other for such a lengthy time, this was exactly how it began the story and it indeed moved the story alengthy. The whole film had necessary scenes wright here Don and also Cosmo were dancing together; and this initially number simply showed why- because they’ve been buddies given that young. Moving on to both Don and also Cosmo’s characterization; this musical number also proved that both of them were thriving and also maturing via entertainment. The song “Fit as a Fiddle” can also portray some meaning behind it about the 2 stars. Firstly, that they were fit to enter the entertainment service because they were incredibly talented and also could absolutely execute more points at when (playing the violin while singing and dancing).


Their costume in this number was very playful and vivid. I think it fits the quick and happy music exceptionally well. Both of them had a corresponding costume via equivalent colors from the hat till the tip of their shoes. The colors also gave us a sense of boyishness and also immaturity. In this scene they were more than likely percreating in a cheap theater wbelow town’s guys come out to watch. It wasn’t a really substantial occasion however as checked out through their costumes, we might certainly tell that they were passionate entertainers and also they put so much for their music.

“All I Do Is Dream Of You the Whole Night Through” is the second number in the movie which was percreated by Kathy Selden (Debbie Reynolds) at a party. I was really amprovided by this number because the dancers were almost the same and also they a had actually incredibly cute and flirty choreography of the song. It was performed by Kathy Selden that declared herself at first as a “broadmeans actress” once Don Locklumber surprisingly observed her popping out of a mock cake in a party and reportedly among the chorus girls. I made a decision this musical number as among favorites bereason after watching this part, I couldn’t acquire the song out of my head. It’s really catchy, plus the choreography made it also better. I prefer Debbie Reynold’s voice. She reminds me of the singers from my favorite Disney movies like Scurrently White and Cinderella. I believed that this component of the film was necessary because at this part Don saw Kathy aget after she’s been stuck in his head that exact same day he met her. Other than that, in this part, Don uncovered out that she was just lying to him about being a phase actress and also in fact she’s just a chorus girl. This scene additionally depicts their characterization even more as Kathy being a perprevious too and being playful. Don being persistent to acquire his girl and being funny too for teasing her when he found out the reality around her.


The costumes of the chorus girls were extremely attractive, flirty and also cute. It was pink that provides the sense of feminism and also the sort of dress that they wore made them look really cute. This color was additionally the perfect option, because the song that they danced through is girly and fast. I think this costume suited their dance as well because not only their dance choreography was cute, it was likewise a tiny little flirtatious. Maybe because their costume was tight, brief and also pink. Like my first choice of musical number “Fit As A Fiddle”, these girls additionally had equivalent costumes from head to toe. That’s why they looked sort of comparable from one another.

Lastly, “Moses Supposes” most likely is my the majority of favorite number throughout the film (a lot of favorite, because all three are my faves). The factor why I love this number so a lot because in my opinion, Don and also Cosmo’s tandem is just the best. Their performance in “Fit As A Fiddle” was excellent, however that good performance can’t also beat the awesome “Moses Supposes” number. I think that this number stands out even more compare to the various other musical numbers. It had actually more acting (in the beginning via the language teacher), a lot more hard choreography (as it was faster and more active), and also it additionally had actually more funny components (Cosmo mocking the language teacher, playing via the curtain while singing).


This number serves as a far-reaching event as the transdevelopment of the personalities such as Don Lockhardwood and also and Hollytimber were relocating slowly. As the studios of Hollylumber were lastly finding out how to occupational via the brand-new sound innovation, Don was additionally having a adjust of heart; adjust of heart from just a fame-sucker into someone who lastly learned how to love. Change was compulsory in Hollywood. When the innovation of sound was developed, all directors, film producers and actors should likewise cope through the advance. Don is having a trouble via pronunciation and was trying to work on his dictions perfectly also with tongue twisters. In this scene, Don was seeking for aid from a language teacher until Cosmo comes into the scene and began bothering their lesboy. In this number, Don is beginning to loosen up from all the stress in entertainment industry and also from the perboy he is. Don was gaining rather pressured as he couldn’t pronounce the tongue twisters effectively, so Cosmo came in and also loosen him up a little. They both began singing Moses Supposes, a tongue twister, making it more fun and also hassle-totally free.

Tright here were some symbolization made in this number, for example the usage of curtains such as costumes and dancing on chairs and also tables, this was something that wasn’t incredibly correct for guys to do; however, they simply let their feet move right into the song and also foracquired about what was best or wrong; no issues, simply having actually simple fun. Kind of saying that they were breaking out from somepoint they want to become other than managing themselves bereason they were “Hollylumber Stars”.

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I was truly impressed via both Gene Kelly and also Donald O’Connor in the number. I might definitely tell that this was not a straightforward choreography. From the very start, as soon as I witnessed “Fit As A Fiddle”, I was currently amazed by their tap dancing abilities.. However, this number exceeded that and also now I am a genuine fan of both dancers. Tap dancing is not a joke; most likely one of the hardest dance to learn and both of them are masters of it. They were really excellent. This dance was likewise extremely energetic and fun. I understand that this kind of dance requires the majority of toughness and also regulate. I like to dance as well and periodically I execute perdevelop rapid choreographed hip-hop dances that require a lot of jumping and also running. I wonder just how tiring it is to tap your feet non-stop in various directions for a totality 2-3 minute performance. I was really impressed bereason they don’t even show fatigue and also just smiling throughout the whole dance. Everypoint appeared so flawless even once they were dancing on the table, what they did was extremely rapid movements and also they were still well synchronized.

Like I shelp previously, I really carry out think that Singing In The Rain is the finest musical I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ve never before viewed such perfect numbers within one musical film. The time they alsituated to work-related on their dance motions and also singing were worth it because they’ve made the greatest musical Hollytimber has actually also done. I would never before forobtain the lines from songs such as “All I perform is think of you the entirety night through” (also now I still can’t get it out of my mind) other than that that can foracquire a comical persona such as Cosmo, and the ever handsome Gene Kelly. I really do hope that Hollyhardwood comes up via a movie even similar to Singing In The Rain, because it is truly sad that they don’t make movies choose this anymore.