Differences between the primitive Greeks and also prehistoric Romans.

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Art: The Greeks wanted perfection in their depiction of people. The Romans desire real life civilization. The Greeks statues were of perfect civilization. The Romans statues included all the flegislations of actual civilization.

Expansion: The Greeks colonized. They establiburned some nests on the coast roughly the Mediterranean Sea. The Romans conquered and ruled everywhere the Mediterranean.

Connection: The Romans developed roadways that associated their empire to slrfc.org. The Greeks constructed roads to connect two specific cities.

Government: The Romans produced an empire that lasted 500 years. The Greek world was a collection of city-says, and also were not joined under one central federal government until they were conquered by Alexander the Great. Even then, Alexander allowed all the overcame Greek city-states to preeminence their very own state, offered they were loyal to Alexander.

Women: In Ancient Greece woguys had no civil liberties. They were residential property. In slrfc.org, once ruled by majesties, and then under the Republic, women were not building, yet they had actually no rights. During the Realm, Romale womales had quite a couple of rights, but were still not citizens.

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Language: The Greeks spoke Greek. The Romans spoke Latin.

These are simply a few of the differences in between these 2 primitive people. Can you think of others? How about inventions or myths?

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