Show Me The Money 6' confirms airing day appropriate after 'Produce 101' seaboy 2. First episode is set to air on June 30.

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'Sjust how Me The Money 6' confirms airing day best after 'Produce 101' seaboy 2

Mnet has evidenced that 'Sexactly how Me The Money 6' will be the program airing after 'Produce 101' seachild 2 ends, later this June. 

The hip-hop survival program's initially broadcast is collection for June 30, indicating that 'Produce 101' seachild 2 will be wrapping up the week prior to on June 23. This seachild of 'Show Me The Money 6' boasts a loaded producer lineup including Tiger JK, Bizzy, Dynamic Duo, Dok2, Jay Park, Block B's Zico, and also DEAN. It was additionally revealed that rappers such as Sleepy, PUNCHNELLO, Microdot, Young B, and also more made a decision to audition. Are you ready to catch the 'SMTM6' wave ideal after 'Produce 101' seakid 2?

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Show Me the Money is a South Oriental rap competition TV show that airs on Mnet. The show has grown in popularity considering that the first season aired in 2012, and also it is credited with enhancing the South Korean public's interemainder in hip hop. This typically follows the releases of the English subbed episodes but feel cost-free to talk about the current episodes too. Season 10 is collection to air on October first.




Created Mar 24, 2017


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