Tbelow is a full of 21 Riddler Trophies in the Panessa Studios structure and also they have the right to be discovered in the complying with locations:


Riddler Trophy 01

In the Quarantine Cells room, look up high over the Batcomputer system to locate some arcing electricity. To the best of this, you’ll likewise see a home window above the hallway leading additionally into the studio. We should electrify a Remote Control Batarang by flying it with the electricity and then pilot it with the home window, dvery own the stairs in the next room and locate a fusage box on the wall by the gate. Hit this through the electrified Batarang to open it.

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Get in the now open gate to grab the Riddler Trophy from the floor here.

Riddler Trophy 02

After opening the locked gate defined in Riddler Trophy #1 , climb the stairs inside to uncover another Riddler puzzle. Tright here are a bunch of ‘?’ lights on the wall behind the Riddler Trophy , simply knock them all out utilizing Batarangs to unlock the cage.

Riddler Trophy 03

As you are walking from the Quarantine Cells, enter the door on the left simply prior to entering the Backstage location. Tbelow is a Riddler Trophy on the table below. Get in the vent on the left side of the room and also follow the tunnel to the end, hop out and also occupational your way about to one of the weak wall surfaces. Burst through here and usage a Fear Multi-Takedvery own to defeat all the Riddler Robots within the exceptionally restricted timeframework to unlock the Riddler Trophy.

Riddler Trophy 04

In the primary Backstage area you’ll watch a huge square robot statue along the left hand wall. Use your Batclaw to pull dvery own the red ring on its chest to expose the Riddler Trophy .

Riddler Trophy 05

This Riddler Trophy requires the large statue in the centre of the Backphase area. This statue is currently holding onto a generator and also an arrowhead with a ‘?’ light next to it. Hitting the ‘?’ with a Batarang will certainly adjust the arrow’s direction. Hitting the generator via the Remote Electrical Charge attract swarm will certainly begin the statue rotating in the direction shown by the arrowhead whilst the repel shot will soptimal it in its tracks.

Around the outside of the statue are four panels on the ground. We must relocate the hand also at the base of the statue around to soptimal on the panels noted ‘Stage A’, ‘Stage B’ and ‘Stage C’ and we’ll need to perform it without permitting the arrow to cross the ‘Reset’ panel in front of the trophy (if we do this, we have to start over). Use the Remote Electrical Charge to move/speak the statue and the Batarangs to adjust direction where crucial. Once you have actually stopped on all three panels, the trophy will certainly be released.

Riddler Trophy 06

By the entrance to Sound Stage A you’ll discover a door to the best through a generator over it. Hit this with the Remote Electrical Charge repel attribute to raise it. Inside you’ll find an electrified floor and a Riddler Trophy installed on the appropriate hand also wall.

Tip on the push plate simply inside the door and also then usage the Line Launcher on the oppowebsite wall. As you reach the opening to the left, rotate and also fire the Line Launcher a second time at the far wall. When you reach the finish, action on the pressure plate.

Look earlier to the trophy and also use the Line Launcher once aacquire on the wall next to it. As you gain close to the wall, look to the left and also usage the Line Launcher one final time to reach a third press plate that has now showed up oppowebsite the initial entry point. Step on it.

With all 3 push plates triggered you’ll currently be able to grab the Riddler Trophy .

Riddler Trophy 07

Upon entering Sound Stage A, you’ll find a Riddler Trophy locked up on the floor in the room to the left. On the earlier wall you’ll view 4 colored ‘?’ lights. Hitting these through Batarangs will certainly change their colours. If you leave this room and also head right into the various other little room oppowebsite, you’ll find the lights in a details order sitting on a wall surface. Those are the colours we should have actually the ‘?’ lights matching! Rerotate to the puzzle room and also hit the lights via Batarangs until they match the pattern to unlock the Riddler Trophy .

Riddler Trophy 08

At the back of the Wild West set in Sound Stage A, you deserve to grapple as much as the optimal of the backdrop. Head all the way ideal to discover a small platform via a locked trophy and a square robot statue oppowebsite. Use your Batclaw to pull dvery own the red ring on the statue’s chest to reveal a spinning generator. Hit this through your Remote Electrical Charge till it explodes. This will certainly release the Riddler Trophy .

Riddler Trophy 09

Behind the backdrop on the Wild west set on Sound Stage A, you’ll watch a pair of Senattempt Turrets facing each various other and a Riddler Trophy in between them. Use the Remote Hacking Device to temporarily blind one of the turrets and also drop dvery own behind the various other to disable it. Quickly re-use the blind hack before running over and also disabling the second Senattempt turret. This will unlock the trophy for your gathering pleasure.

Riddler Trophy 10

As soon as you enter the haunted residence collection in Sound Stage B, you’ll see a big, spinning fan. The Riddler Trophy is inside the fan. Use the Remote Hacking Device on the control panel on the wall above the fan to rotate it off so that you can grab the collectible.

Riddler Trophy 11

In the room wright here you rescued the Joker infected in the haunted home set you’ll see a hatch on the roof you have the right to grapple up to. Once up, you’ll check out the Riddler Trophy behind the bars on the left and straight ahead is an electrified floor.

Use the Line Launcher to cross the floor and hop up onto the rope close to the far wall. Look up above to find a pair of vents spewing out superheated vapor. Use the quick-fire Freeze Blast to neutralise both vents before grappling approximately the ledge behind them.

At the much end of the ledge, drop dvery own into the room via the trophy and pick it up.

Riddler Trophy 12

On the stairs leading into the structure where you rescued the Joker infected in the haunted house set you’ll view a hatch in the floor. Drop dvery own with here to the room below. Use the Disruptor on the proximity mines (you’ll require the ‘Disrupt Mine’ Waynetechnology upgrade) to disable them and then run up and slide beneath the gap in the wall to uncover the Riddler Trophy .

Riddler Trophy 13

On the southern eastern wevery one of the room you’ll alert a weak wall. Below this is a generator that we have the right to shoot via the Remote Electrical Charge entice function. Doing so will certainly reduced a weight block onto the platcreate with the generator.

Plant some Explosive Gel on the side of the block facing the generator. Use the repel function on the generator to send the weight ago up. As it passes the weak wall detonate the Explosive Gel to ruin the wall and disclose the Riddler Trophy inside.

Riddler Trophy 14

In the southerly component of the haunted home set there are three small rooms off from the major location, one to the west and a pair to the southern. This Riddler Trophy is located in the middle room. Step on the pressure plate in the edge and you need to have the ability to make out a ‘?’ light up in the western room through the window. Use a Remote Control Batarang , fly it with the vent by the trophy and also hit the question note to release it.

Riddler Trophy 15

In the southern component of the haunted house set tright here are 3 little rooms off from the primary area, one to the west and also a pair to the south. This Riddler Trophy is situated in the easternthe majority of of these. Here you’ll uncover the trophy in a ball within a glass pipe with a steam vent adjacent.

Use the Freeze Blast on the steam vent to have the sphere move with the tube. When it stops (and it will certainly 2-3 times) hit the vapor pipe behind the round via a Freeze Blast to store it moving. When it drops to the floor at the far end, you’ll be able to pick it up.

Riddler Trophy 16

From the major Backphase location, take the passage leading to Sound Stage C. When you hit the wall, turn left and also look as much as check out a vapor vent. Hit this via a Freeze Blast to disable it and then grapple approximately the ledge. You’ll end up on a wire floor which you have the right to look through and also a Riddler Trophy in a cage on the far side of the location.

Tbelow is a Riddler Robot listed below and a weapon crate. Use the Disruptor on the weapon crate to sabotage it and then use the Voice Synthesizer to have actually the Riddler Robot open the crate. It will certainly explode which will damage the Riddler Robot and the trophy will certainly end up being accessible for collection.

Riddler Trophy 17

Just beside the main entrance to Sound Stage C there is a weak section of wall we can damage via Explosive Gel . Inside you’ll find a Riddler Trophy behind the bars at the back of the room and a push plate in the foreground.

Tip on the pressure plate to open up a wall surface hatch oppowebsite. Tbelow are 2 ‘?’ lights in this vent mechanism that we’ll have to hit via a Remote Control Batarang . On the first throw, upon entering the vent, take the initially right and then the next left to discover the initially ‘?’. On the second time about take the first appropriate aobtain and also you’ll view a new targain to hit.

The third throw is a tiny various. Aobtain you’ll need to take the first appropriate and also at this allude the Batarang will certainly come to be electrified. Take the following right to have actually it departure right into the trophy room. Fly the Batarang up right into the fusage box on the wall above the trophy to unlock the gate.

Riddler Trophy 18

Just next to the major entrance to Sound Stage C tbelow is a shutter door through a generator above it we deserve to open through the Remote Electrical Charge repel attack. Inside you’ll find a locked Riddler Trophy surrounded by eight generators. In order to open the trophy we’ll have to activate all the generators via the Remote Electrical Charge in a particular order. Fortunately the posters behind each give amethod the order if you recognize what to look for – we’ll must activate them based upon the age of the civilization in the pictures from youngest to earliest.

First activate the generator beneath the pregnant woman picture to the left just inside the door.2nd is the generator beneath the picture of the baby.Third is the generator beneath the toddler poster.Next off is the generator in front of the poster of the running child in the ago left edge.5th is the generator by the ‘Completely Mystified’ poster.The sixth generator is by the poster of the businessguy, left of the baby photo.Seventh is the generator by the old male picture simply to the appropriate inside the door.The final generator is the one by the gravestone photo.

Once all eight generators are active at as soon as, the **Riddler Trophy** will certainly unlock and also you’ll have the ability to pick it up.

Riddler Trophy 19

In the hallmeans with the mirror and the keypad resulting in Sound Stage C, you’ll see a locked Riddler Trophy on the table by the door. Approach this and then look back down the hallmeans to spot a vent, above this in the corner is a ‘?’ light. Hit this through the Remote Electrical Charge to unlock the trophy.

Riddler Trophy 20

In the centre of Sound Stage C tright here is a locked trophy. Approach the green button on the pedestal adjacent and also communicate through it to have actually the Riddler appear on the display. After he disappears, he’ll place the names of colours up on the screen and provide you a little of a memory test. This next little bit deserve to be a little tricky - you’ll need to note the colour of the word that appears on the display, NOT the colour that the word describes! After each series of words, you’ll need to hit the coloured ‘?’ in the exact same sequence.

**First Puzzle:** Blue, Environment-friendly, red, yellow **Second Puzzle:** Yellow, Environment-friendly, Blue, Blue, Yellow, Red **Third Puzzle:** Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green

After completing the third difficulty, you’ll be able to grab the **Riddler Trophy** .

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Riddler Trophy 21

In the back best edge of Sound Stage C from the entrance you’ll uncover a slot machine via a locked Riddler Trophy in front. Use the Remote Hacking Device to lock each of the wheels right into area on the same icon (Diamonds worked for me) to earn the trophy.