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Well, ooh, it"s a straightforward old worldYeah, for little bit old youIf you watch that sun as an apparent bruteYeah he comes approximately, oohAfter the moon goes downJust to have a small funUntil the day is doneWell, I say whyDo you even tryTo find an alibiIf you come aroundI hope you remain the entirety damn nightAnd carry some friendsAnd lug some folksYeah come alengthy and tell some jokesAnd if you"re anypoint favor meOh, baby, just you wait and also seeIf it seems prefer an excellent ideaWell if all the lights said stopAnd the oceans, they did dropWell then I"d always feel so on topIf not for youOh but oh how time went byAnd the oceans, they did riseAnd I constantly felt so hypnotizedBut not by youYeah, not by you
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