Shadow of War has many methods you deserve to affect the tide of combat, consisting of damaging monuments. Each orc tribe erects statues in their outshort articles, and bringing them down can be a good thing to do if you’re surrounded.

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How to Destroy Monuments in Shadow of War

Taking down orc monuments deserve to deal a disastrous blow to orc morale, but first, you have to find them. You’ll just view these statues in orc outwrite-ups, of which tright here are commonly 3 per area. Once you’ve gone into an outarticle, you deserve to start your search for the tribal monument.

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Look for the symbol in the image below on your map to pinpoint your target. These constructions are commonly out in the middle of every little thing, but you deserve to generally stealth along the structure tops in the outarticle to reach them. Once you get to the monument, you’ll need to damage it, yet you can’t just stab it, shoot an arrow at it, or blow it up.


To damage a monument in Shadow of War, you’ll must climb to the top of it. When you’re standing on its head (or equivalent), you’ll get a prompt to hit RB on Xbox One or R1 on PS4. Once you carry out that, Talion will take it down.

Sometimes it’s a tiny touchy to obtain the prompt to appear, especially bereason Talion will certainly regularly jump to other components of the statue at the least amount of input. If you’re having trouble, simply keep trying to jump to the highest possible allude, and you’ll ultimately get what you’re in search of.

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Once you take down your first statue, you’ll obtain the Vandal trophy/achievement, and any orcs approximately it will freak out and begin running off.