Sean Casey is slow: a reviewRemember as soon as Sean Casey acquired thrown out at initially base from left field? I appreciated this reminder.

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Who loses in a race in between Prince Fielder, Aubrey Huff, Sean Casey, and also Victor Martinez? It’s definitely Casey, but i think it would be surprisingly close.

Edwin Encarnacion lastly finds his ship

It took a while, but Edwin Encarnacion finally signed a deal. Cleveland also stepped up while others shied ameans, and nabbed the slugger for $60 million over 3 years. Obviously, this is not excellent for Tigers fans. Get the bird feed all set, Cleveland.


This likewise reminded me that Jose Bautista still remains unsigned. Someone please offer him a deal. I’m beginning to feel poor at this point.

SA-WING batter

Chris Carter had 461 swing & misses this season. Ichiro has only swung & missed 441 times given that the start of the 2013 seakid.

— Daren Willguy (
darenw) December 22, 2016
A Christmas principle for your favorite writer

If someone can obtain me the DiamondFX VR, that would be fantastic. VR is coming to baseball in a large means via TrinityVR’s new product.

The DiamondFX platdevelop is designed to permit hitters to usage their very own bat once dealing with a online foe. Hitters feel a little rumble when they make call via a puck-shaped attachment on the knob of their bat. Statistics choose bat rate, launch angle and exit velocity are instantly shown after contact is made.

I have actually no principle if this will certainly be beneficial for players or significant league groups. In concept, acquiring a hundred reps on a pitcher the day before dealing with him would certainly seem advantageous. But does VR translate cshed enough to hitting action?

I think the main takeaway is that tright here is currently a way that I deserve to confront Justin Verlander without the possibility of acquiring hit by a pitch. And I would really choose to perform that.

Here’s a fun exercise

Mike Trout is 24. Mike Trout has actually never before finimelted reduced than second in MVP voting in a full season. So what the heck will certainly Mike Trout in his prime look like?

Last season 9.778 runs was worth one win, so we take 125 runs above replacement, divide by 9.778 and come up via the greatest non-Babe Ruth seakid of all time.

Yeah, that’s about appropriate. Whatever that season ends up looking favor, I’m certain it will be terrifying for the league. I simply hope the Angels have stopped wasting his career by that suggest.

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For your totally free time.

A Chicearlier cop tried to acquire a relative right into the World Series by utilizing his credentials. The Pirates signed Ivan Nova. I have absolutely no opinion on that. The Padres are interested in Jered Weaver, and their bloggers have actually jokes. Manny Ramirez should definitely play in Japan.