“CATCH AND KILL” BY DUANE SWIERCZYNSKIA nationwide tragedy took away Luke and also Joanne Collins’ son, and currently they roam the country trying to find those they feel were responsible for his death. Their goal is simple: capture and kill.“SAVE THE CHEERLEADER, DESTROY THE WORLD” BY KEITH R. A. DECANDIDOWhen she jumped off a Ferris wheel in Central Park and endured, Claire Bennet adjusted the human being. Now “Evos” - Evolved Humans - are exposed. In this story we find what taken place to Claire after that fateful minute.“A LONG WAY FROM HOME” BY KEVIN J. ANDERSON AND PETER J. WACKSA group of Evolved Humans usage their abilities to arrangement an escape from a detention facility for world via extremely inexplicable powers.THREE BRAND-NEW NOVELLAS BASED ON NBC’S WORLD-WIDE HIT TV SERIES HEROES, AND THE EPIC EVENT SERIES HEROES REBORN.

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Duane Swierczynski is the writer of a number of crime thrillers, including the Shamus Award-winning "Fun and Games", the first in the Charlie Hardie trilogy, and the Edgar-nominated and Anthony Award-winning "Expiration Date". As a comic book writer, his credits incorporate "Judge Dredd", "The Punisher", "Godzilla Birds of Prey", "Godzilla" and also "Babsence Widow".Keith R. A. DeCandido is best well-known for his Star Trek fiction, and also has actually additionally created tie-in novels for various other renowned sci-fi and also fantasy series, such as Buffy, Doctor Who, Andromeda and Farscape, and Spider-Man comic publications and videogames (World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Command also & Conquer).Kevin J. Anderson: is among the world"s bestmarketing sci-fi authors. He is the writer of The Illustrated Star Wars Universe and also the very popular Jedi Academy trilogy of novels: Jedi Search, Dark Apprattract and also Champions of the Force. Both his X-Files novels, Ground Zero and Ruins, were New York Times bestsellers. He is currently co-authoring the new series of Dune prequel novels.

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Peter J. Wacks is a bestoffering cross-genre writer. He has operated throughout the imaginative areas in gaming, television, film and also comics. Tright here are over 3.5 million duplicates of his stories in circulation. Peter started his composing career in the gaming industry when he created the global bestoffering game "Cyberpunk CCG". He relocated on from tright here to work on ABC"s "Alias", and has because likewise composed tie-ins for "Veronica Mars" and also "G.I. Joe".